Class 4A Point System - - - Week 7 for the Big 16

The Big 16 is coming into focus after 7 weeks and the Low Country teams are looking to flex their muscles.

Team Wins Loss Point Raw Points Possible Seed Explanation
Stratford 7 0 17 29.5 1 - 7 needs  just won in final four games to maximize points at 33.0
Colleton County 5 2 16.5 27 1 - 7 despite loss they hold the best chance at a #2. 
Irmo 7 0 16.5 28.5 1 - 7 could run the table to 11-0 and finish as a 3 seed due to their opponents total win. Need to beat Sumter and hope for Lexington to win 3 of 4 to be a winning team
Summerville 5 2 16.5 27 1 - 7 Needs a win over Fort Dorchester or Colleton to max out on points. Need just 2 wins against Beaufort and Battery Creek to make it 31.5
Wando 5 2 16.5 27.5 1 - 7 Same situation as Summerville. Need 2 wins to make it to 31.5, a win over Stratford takes them to 33 with one other win.
Fort Dorchester 4 3 16 26 1 - 7 Same as above, a win over Colleton, Summerville and Hilton Head takes them to 33.0
Sumter 6 1 16 25 5 -7 Sumter looks to be the odd man out. With only 1 game against the Big 16 while the other teams play 5, Sumter is in a huge hole. They could finish 9-2 and pick up a 7 seed.
West Ashley 1 6 14 24 8 The 8 seed is set in stone. 


With 5 teams in the low country in Big 16 and playing each other, there are many possibilities left that could still occur.

All 5 teams are probable winning teams so the possibility of many teams maxing out with 33.0 is pretty strong. At least 2 and as many as 5 teams could finish with the max. points. It is possible that 6 of the 8 teams in the lower state could finish with 33.0 points.

In the case of a tie then this the tie breaker procedure for the playoff seed.
1. If two teams are tied in the point system and the two teams played, the head-to-head winner will get the top seed.
2. If there is a three-way tie and one team beats the other two teams, the winner will get the top seed.
3. The team whose opponents have the most victories (all games except mark off)


Team Wins Loss Point Raw Points Possible Seed Explanation
Northwestern 6 1 16.5 27 1,2,3,4 Will finish at 32.5 or 33.0 depending on Rock Hill game.
Dorman 7 0 16 28 1,2,3,4 Need Lexington to win 3 of 4, beat Spartanburg for max points. 
Rock Hill 7 0 16 26 1,2,3,4 Need to beat NW and hope 3A teams they played finish with winning records.
Spartanburg 5 2 16 25.5 1,2,3,4 Still with a chance to finish at top with win over Dorman
Lexington 3 4 15.5 25 5 Wins in the final 4 games move them to 31.5. The 5 seed looks locked in
Ridge View 3 4 15.5 24.5 6,7 A great rebound from the 2001 season. A 6 or 7 seems possible
Gaffney 2 5 15 24 6,7 Chances to move way up with wins over Dorman and Spartanburg but Gaffney does not appear to have the team to win those game
Hillcrest 1 6 13.5 22.5 8 The 8 seed is a done deal. Make the bus reservation for Stratford.

Not much will change in this points race until the Dorman / Spartanburg and Rock Hill / Northwestern matches which will decide the point race for seeds 1 thru 4

Seeds 5- 8 are pretty much set in order barring any upsets.

Northwestern is the only team that can score 33.0 based on their own results. If they beat Rock Hill and win the rest then they will have 33.0

Dorman is the only other team that can reach 33.0 but they must beat Spartanburg and Lexington must win 4 out of the last 5. If Lexington has a losing season then Dorman's max is 32.5, if they lose to Spartanburg then the max is 32.0. Dorman could be 11-0 and NW 10-1 but NW would take the 1 seed if Lexington does not have a winning record.

Spartanburg can only make it to 32.5 by beating Dorman. The loss to Indy and Gaffney with a losing record means that the only chance to beat a winning Big 16 program is Dorman

Rock Hill can only make it to 32.5. Northwestern game is huge and a must win. York must have a winning record at season's end also.

So basically it comes down to 2 games to decide the 4 playoffs spots. Dorman v Spartanburg and Rock Hill v Northwestern.

If Dorman beats Spartanburg and Northwestwern beats Rock Hill
1. Northwestern 33
2. Dorman 32.5 (Lexington w/ losing season)
3. Spartanburg 32.0
4. Rock Hill 31.5 (assuming Chester, Central and Clover have non winning seasons.)

If Dorman beats Spartanburg and Rock Hill beats Northwestern
1. Dorman 32.5 (Lexington w/ losing season)
1. Rock Hill 32.5 (assuming Chester, Central and Clover have non winning seasons) (Dorman wins based on total points in all 11 games)
1. Northwestern 32.5 (Assuming NW wins all others)
4. Spartanburg 32.0
*** explained later

If Spartanburg beats Dorman and Northwestern beats Rock Hill
1. NW 33.0
2. Spartanburg 32.5
3. Dorman 32.0
4. Rock Hill 31.5

If Spartanburg beats Dorman and Rock Hill beats Northwestern
1. Spartanburg 32.5
1. NW 32.5
1. Rock Hill 32.5
4. Dorman 32.0

A three way tie is decided by total wins by the teams in the 8 games that are counted in the point system. This could go anyway with so many games left to be played by the opponents and by the teams themselves.

*** All this is making the following supisitions.
Lexington has a losing record
Gaffney, Hillcrest also have losing records
Chester, Central and Clover all have non winning records
East Meck has a winning record.
All 4 teams have at least 8 victories which is probable.



Division I (winning record)             4.5
Division I (non-winning record)     4
Division II & (AAA with winning    4
AAA & AA (with winning record   3
AA & A (with winning record)       2


Division I (winning record)            3.5
Division I (non-winning record)     3
Division II & (AAA with winning)   3
AAA & AA (with winning record   1
AA & A (with winning record)        - 1


Big 16 Winning Teams

These teams are guaranteed to have winning seasons
Sumter  Northwestern  Stratford  Irmo Dorman  Rock Hill

These teams need only 1 win in the final four games to have a winning season
Colleton County  Summerville  Wando  Spartanburg

These teams will have losing seasons
West Ashley  Hillcrest  Gaffney

These teams could have a winning or losing season
Lexington must win 3 out of 4
Ridge View  must win 3 out of 4
Fort Dorchester needs to win 2 out 4



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