A Look on the Inside of a Big 16 Team

The season is heating up and Dorman captain, Lee McKenzie reports on the preparations for the big game against the Byrnes Rebels.

       Now the real season begins.  We had a good win at Boiling Springs last week.  We jumped out to a big halftime lead and went on to a 44-14 win.  This Friday, we look forward to facing a Byrnes team that may be the best team we face all year.


       I have been saying all year I am not sure how good we are.  This week we will find out.  This game will give us a chance to see where we stand.  Byrnes is an outstanding team that has put up some big numbers on offense.  They are the first real passing team we have played and our secondary will face a tough challenge.  The defensive line and linebackers will need to put a lot of pressure on the QB to help them out.  We also need to stop the inside running game.  If we can stop the run, I like our chances on pass defense.


       We have made some adjustments on defense which will help us this week.  It seems we have continued to improve each week on defense as the year has progressed and feel we are playing as cohesive unit now.   I think we will be up for the test this week.   


       I have full confidence the offense will light up the scoreboard this week and will have no problem moving the ball.  Our passing and running game has gotten much better as our execution and timing has gotten better.  Our offensive line is playing really well now and is opening some huge holes for the backs.  Also, they are pass blocking well which has given QB Reggie Rice more time to find the open receiver.


       We expect a full house at Dorman Stadium this week for the first time.  It should be a really exciting game for the players and the fans.  I have mentioned in previous weeks about the fans not being very loud.  That will not be an issue this week.  This game should live up to its billing.  I feel safe in saying you can leave the umbrellas at home but you may want to bring your gloves and jackets.  Its football weather now and you will see some good football this week.  I hope to come back next week still undefeated for our showdown with Spartan High. 


Holla at ya boy!!


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