The Game - - - Dorman vs. Byrnes

The first game of the year in South Carolina. Two Spartanburg County Rivals take the field in a battle of high octane offenses and scoring machines. Rebels and Cavs from the New DOrman High School.

Friday Night…..The first Game of the Season……until next week.


However this Friday night will highlight the Cavaliers and the Rebels from Dorman Stadium in Spartanburg. We will breakdown the game, look at the match ups, analysis the intangibles and make a guesstimate of who might walk away Friday night as the winner.




Reggie Rice is the Senior QB for the Cavs and has improved greatly since the early season. Last week against Boiling Springs. Reggie was checking off receivers, reading defenses and finding the open men. He did miss a few reads and his arm is a little strong but he is quickly molding into the prototypical Dorman QB. Dorman has not asked Rice to do as much as other Dorman QBs in the past but slowly more is being worked into the game plan. Reggie will be prepared for the Rebels.



63 – 98  11 TD 3 INT  885 yards

Justin Fulbright was a question mark going into the season but he quickly answered those questions. Byrnes has moved the ball at will and Justin has had command of the Offense. He will see many new things on Friday night from Dorman's defense and he will have to adjust. Fulbright has had some easy competition as had Rice and now must face a blitzing, tough Dorman D.







75-134  15 TD  6 INT  1458 yards

Slight Advantage Byrnes




Kendrick Lynch is simply put the best junior in the state and an argument can be made that he is the best High School Player in the state. The numbers are astounding but they pale in comparison to the actual performance of Kendrick. He is a difference maker and has the ability to put the team on his back and carry the Cavs to victory. A special player and a wonderful young man.


Also in the mix out of the FB and occasional TB is Brent Rogers. A bruising tough runner who can run over people.  Byrnes can not afford to overlook him





Lynch 85 – 1019 yards 13 TDs

Rogers  35 – 319 yards 3 TDs

Advantage Dorman

Prince Miller has taken over the duties as Byrnes TB but the Rebels attack is pass first then think run. Miller is a great player who has incredible strength but he does not figure as a first option for the Rebels.


He is however a threat to reckoned with and the Cavs can not sell out the pass completely. Miller will keep the Cavs honest.


Guy Fowkles runs out of the FB position nad is a wonderful and powerful  RB with incredible toughness.






Miller       41 -316  2 TDs

Fowkles   27 – 243 3 TDs




Jamar Nesbitt        20 – 288   3 TD

Cameron OSullivan 11 -  172 2TD

Kendrick Lynch   13- 304  5TD

Eric Fowler    9 – 113 2TD


The Dorman WRs have stepped up in big games and with Newbitt and Fowler in either side the Cavs have enough weapons to score quickly. A new wrinkle this year is the use of TE Cameron O Sullivan which adds a dimension to the offense which has not been there before. Add Kendrick Lynch with his game breaking ability to the mix and you have a special group


Terrell Allen  

22-419   2TD

Bradley Robinson  26- 569  6TD

Jomar Wright  14 -270 3TD

Daniel Harper  6 -72


Speed, Speed and more speed and then add a little more speed. Perhaps the fastest and most versatile WR group in the state. Byrnes spreads you out, runs up the field and most teams chase.


Terrell Allen is one of the best in the state and Robinson has been the go to guy all season.


Slight Advantage Byrnes


Offensive Line

The Byrnes line has done a great job all season long of protecting Fulbright. Dorman's line has been more balanced with the run and pass block.   EVEN


Defense Line

Dorman has shifted a few people around to get more speed on the line. They must pressure Fulbright. Byrnes has a stronger line but has not faced a mobile QB like Reggie Rice this year.  But Josh Brock is one of the most unheralded players in the state and he will be able to clog holes and chase Rice all night long. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE BYRNES



Dorman is waiting for a break out game for Steven Mills who has always stepped up in the big games ala Spartanburg last season. Drew McClinttock is a monster for the Rebels in the middle. ADVANTAGE DORMAN



The question is who will play for which team. In other words who is going to be forced to play both ways to balance the attack of the opposition? Will we see Kendrick Lynch and Terrell Allen in the backfield or will both teams go with the regular DBs. How many people will be back………6 in the box, 3 deep coverage, or blitzing corners. It is going to be fun to watch the coaches figure this one out. Expect a chess match between the two groups. Two special players to watch for will be John Talley at the safety for Byrnes and Trey Glover and junior QB / DB Mychal Belcher man the corners for the Cavs.       EVEN


Special Teams

Ryan King takes over the Cavs and has looked good at time but has not had to make a pressure kick all year long. Brian Sanchez handles the duties for the Rebels and has had a great year of kicking thus far. SLIGHT ADVANTAGE BYRNES





Dorman has the home field advantage which is still a new home to everyone.


Dorman has the home crowd but both sides will be full.


Dorman has won 8 in a row in the series.


Coach Gutshall has never lost to Byrnes or Coach Bentley


Coach Bentley has never won against Dorman or Coach Gutshall


Dorman has won 39 and lost 4 over the past 43 games dating back to 1999 playoffs.


Byrnes has won 25 and lost 9 over the past 34 games dating back to 1999 playoffs.



The Series Results


Dorman leads        21 -16     with 1 tie

2001    Dorman            17        Byrnes  16        WIN

2000    Dorman            41        Byrnes  3          WIN

1999    Dorman            45        Byrnes  28        WIN

1998    Dorman            31        Byrnes  20        WIN

1997    Dorman            35        Byrnes  7          WIN

1996    Dorman            17        Byrnes  13        WIN

1995    Dorman            42        Byrnes  6          WIN

1994    Dorman            45        Byrnes  20        WIN

1993    Dorman            21        Byrnes  28        LOSS

1992    Dorman            13        Byrnes  3          WIN

1991    Dorman            7          Byrnes  13        LOSS

1990    Dorman            24        Byrnes  0          WIN

1989    Dorman            28        Byrnes  7          WIN

1988    Dorman            9          Byrnes  14        LOSS

1987    Dorman            22        Byrnes  0          WIN

1986    Dorman            0          Byrnes  37        LOSS

1985    Dorman            5          Byrnes  21        LOSS

1984    Dorman            14        Byrnes  21        LOSS

1983    Dorman            0          Byrnes  14        LOSS

1982    Dorman            3          Byrnes  14        LOSS

1981    Dorman            7          Byrnes  0          WIN

1980    Dorman            10        Byrnes  8          WIN

1979    Dorman            3          Byrnes  18        LOSS

1978    Dorman            7          Byrnes  8          LOSS

1977    Dorman            7          Byrnes  0          WIN

1976    Dorman            15        Byrnes  21        LOSS

1975    Dorman            20        Byrnes  18        WIN

1974    Dorman            0          Byrnes  28        LOSS

1973    Dorman            6          Byrnes  28        LOSS

1972    Dorman            7          Byrnes  0          WIN

1971    Dorman            10        Byrnes  9          WIN

1970    Dorman            0          Byrnes  35        LOSS

1969    Dorman            21        Byrnes  14        WIN

1968    Dorman            7          Byrnes  21        LOSS

1967    Dorman            21        Byrnes  0          WIN

1966    Dorman            12        Byrnes  0          WIN

1965    Dorman            7          Byrnes  7          TIE

1964    Dorman            0          Byrnes  19        LOSS



Final thoughts:

I don't see how anyone can see more than a nickels worth of difference in these teams. Both are well coached with outstanding staffs and are both are disciplined. Dorman has played in more big games and has an 8 game winning streak over the Rebels. Byrnes has played a tougher schedule but Dorman has been challenged with games against Lexington and Greenwood.


In the end I see a game going to the 4th quarter with a drive at the end of the game deciding the outcome. Big plays will decide the winner and the team with the fewest turnover, penalties and mistakes win the game.


My prediction:

Dorman 35 Byrnes 31




Byrnes 35 Dorman 31


Heck I have no idea............That's why we play it for 48 minutes.







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