SCHSL releases clarifiaction to 4A Playoffs

The SCHSL released a memo to all schools concerning the rules governing the Class 4A playoffs and point system

This past week I received a call from a head coach at a Big 16 school concerning the SC Pigskin site and we had a chance to talk for a while. He told me that the SCHSL had just sent out a memo to all the coaches clarifying a mistake in the SCHSL 4A handbook concerning the Big 16 playoffs.


The original document sent out on August 20 and also on the SCHSL website, stated that the Big16 teams would be awarded points with 3 mark offs and with a limit of 2 games against other Big 16 teams counting towards the playoffs. It turns out that information is incorrect and the SCHSL sent out a memo to clarify it.


The rules for playoff points are as follows:


I. Division I


Upper State

Region I - Hillcrest

Region II - Dorman, Spartanburg, Gaffney

Region III - Northwestern, Rock Hill, Ridge View

Region IV - Lexington


Lower State

Region V - Irmo, Sumter

Region VII - Stratford, Wando, West Ashley

Region VIII - Fort Dorchester, Summerville, Colleton County


Each team must maximize points and will be allowed TWO mark offs if it plays eleven games. If a team chooses to play ten games, it will be allowed one mark off.


There are no limits to thenumber of Big 16 games that a team can play against fellow BIg 16 opponents.


II. Division II


VII. The remaining schools from Regions I, II, III and IV will make up Division II upper state. Schools from Regions V, VI, VII and VIII will make up Division II lower state.


IX. The top eligible one-third of the Division II teams in each Region will advance to the post season on the twelfth playing date.


Regions I, IV, VI will have two automatic qualifiers.

Regions II, III, V, VII and VIII will only have one automatic qualifier.


The remaining two at large teams for the play-offs from the Upper State and the remaining three at large teams for the play-offs from the Lower State will be seeded according to points.


X. The top eligible team(s) will be determined by region record.


XI. If two teams are tied for an automatic qualifier spot and the teams have played, the winner of the regular season game will be the automatic qualifier.


XII. In the case of a three way tie, if one team has defeated the other two, that team will be the automatic qualifier. If more than teams are tied and one team did not defeat the other team, the point system will be used. If still a tie, proceed to tie breaker on page 32.


XIII. Each team, who is not an automatic qualifier and meets all other eligibility requirements, is eligible for an at large berth.


XIV. Teams will be seeded and placed into the play-offs according to the brackets on page 34-35. Each team must maximize points and will be allowed three mark offs it plays eleven games. If a team chooses to play only ten games, it will be allowed two marks offs.


Only a maximum of two winning Division I teams will be counted in determining each team's total.



With these rules clarifications from the SCHSL, it basically comes down to this:


The Big 16 basically is the same as last year, unlimited games against Big 16 teams and 2 mark offs.


Division 2 is the same as we have been tracing all season long. There are 3 mark offs and a limit of 2 game against winning Big 16 opponents.


See the other stories on this page for the current standings in Big 16 and Division 2.




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