Quinton Thomas: Becoming A Leader, Has Offer

A team way out west is loving Southside PG/SF Quinton Thomas enough to extend him a scholarship offer already. The 2009 6'6 point guard standout has had to step up for his team early in the season and has seen his stock rise as he's become more aggressive on the offensive end. Come inside for the very latest on Quinton Thomas.

Sometime between last season and this season on the basketball court Southside PG Quinton Thomas busted out of his shell. We knew the class of 2009 player was a talented prospect but with a good showing on the AAU circuit and tons of workouts over the summer Thomas has seen his game improve by leaps and bounds. How much do you ask? The 6'6 point guard already holds a scholarship offer and is starting to create some buzz not only in South Carolina but throughout the region as many are aware that 6'6 point guards don't grow on trees.

While his recruitment has heated up things aren't going the way Thomas and his Southside high teammates would have hoped. Last season they lost 2 games the entire season and they lost in the state championship game to Lee Central which was lead by current South Carolina super frosh Michael Holmes. He had this to say initially about the tough start to the season. "You know it's not the same. We lost 2 games all of last season so it's been difficult. It's been like a shock or surprise to us." Always calm and cool Quinton also added, "Oh it will make us better in the end because we'll know that we can play well together without him (Robbie Dreher out with an ankle injury)."

The transformation we talked about earlier in regards to his game continues to show each time out. When asked about his work this offseason to improve his game Thomas said, "I worked a lot on my perimeter shot this summer. I had to make at least 200 shots per day along with my teammate Robbie Dreher. I also worked to improve my ability to get to the bucket but also finding and dishing to the open man."

"I'd have to say my game currently is getting to the basket, having a little bit of a pull up jumper that I can go to now too. I can use that in transition." He's also shown the ability to take advantage of shorter opponents in the post as a 6'6 point guard.

Things are starting to come together for the Tigers and they are turning to Quinton to lead the way. It's a role he has embraced and is relishing in as it has helped his confidence. "It's been a lot of pressure on me you know. It can be challenging but it's helped me become more of a leader. It's been really good for me though."

With his elevated play this season we asked him if was happy about how things were going on a personal basis. "Yes sir, I'm real happy. I could probably do some more. I'm shooting the ball more and I'm liking it a lot better because my perimeter is much better now."

On the recruiting side of things a number of colleges have been visiting Southside to see Quinton during workouts and games. "Wyoming, Western Kentucky, Charleston Southern, Charlotte, and High Point are showing me the most interest right now. I have an offer from Wyoming."

Wyoming is recruiting Thomas strictly as a point guard while many of the others haven't addressed exactly where they see the 2009 standout playing on the next level. There is a school that he hasn't heard from yet that he says he'd be highly interested in hearing from, "Memphis."

His list of schools doesn't stop there as this past offseason he made visits to South Carolina, Clemson, Charlotte, and others. He talked in detail about a few of those visits and his thoughts too. "I liked Charlotte a lot. It was real nice. They only have a basketball team and they give a lot of support to their team. I got up there around 9 and we (he and teammate Robbie Dreher) were the only recruits there for their Midnight Madness. They showed us around afterwards, even though it was late. It was kinda new but I liked the campus and atmosphere a lot."

"We also went down to Clemson. They treat you really good down there. The coaching staff is really friendly too."

In the end there's one aspect that will weigh really heavily for his decision making process. "The coaching staff will be most important for me." There's also one focus for Thomas and his teammates. "No matter what I want to win the state championship."

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