UP NEXT: 2009 Northwestern RB Jarrett Neely

Northwestern had a great season and their offense was one of the state's most prolific. A huge part of that success was due to 2009 RB Jarrett Neely. One of the state's most versatile players, Neely is starting to hear from various SEC and ACC schools. Come inside and find out all the scoop about Jarrett Neely.

The 2009 class is starting to shape up as one of the most talented in quite some time and there's talent all over the Palmetto State. In this installment of our "UP NEXT" series we introduce Northwestern standout Jarrett Neely. This 2009 RB/ATH was a big cog in the powerful Northwestern Trojans offense. Neely got it done to the tune of 700 yards rushing and 77 catches for 930 yards receiving.

At 5'11 170 pounds Jarrett Neely isn't that imposing physically but once he gets the football in his hands it's a whole different ballgame. Neely and the Trojans will return some key components as they will try to make another run in the AAAA playoffs next year but you can bet the 2009 standout will once again be a focal point. Jarrett talked about one of his most memorable games from this past season against town rivals South Pointe. "The game against South Pointe was probably my best this year. I had 89 rushing yards and 100 yards receiving with 2 touchdowns. It was so memorable for me because I scored the first time I touched the ball."

Neely saw some stiff competition last year and the team that ended their playoff run, eventual AAAA Division 1 state champions Byrnes, he says was the toughest defense he's ever gone up against. For next year though the 2009 standout has some goals to try and improve his stock. "I want to get bigger and become a better blocker."

His versatility is impressive as his stats indicate but what makes him such an interesting prospect is the ability to make people miss and find the open field. In fact Neely agreed with us about that assessment, "Yeah when I'm in open space is probably one of the best parts of my ability."

Those talents have already brought some schools into the picture early for Neely. He called off the schools he's hearing from the most currently. "I'm hearing from Tennessee, NC State, LSU, and Coastal Carolina the most right now. I'd say the schools that I'm most interested in at this point are Tennessee, South Carolina, Clemson, LSU, and Georgia." Neely would go on to divulge that if he had to say he had to name a clear early favorite it would be the Gamecocks of South Carolina.

Location will play a vital role in Neely's recruitment he says. "I would say location is big to me, because I want to stay close to home so my family could see me play if I could."

One thing is for certain so far Neely's list of suitors should grow as he's getting his highlight tape finalized and ready to send out. We've just released our early 2009 player rankings and Neely wasn't included but bet your bottom dollar that he'll make some waves in our next release in two months. Athletes who are equally talented running and catching the ball out of the backfield are hot commodities to college programs so we'll see just how much Neely's recruitment blows up.

Inside The Numbers...Jarrett Neely
Bench Press: 255 pounds
Squat: 390 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.52 seconds

A Closer Look...Jarrett Neely
3 favorite music artists: Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, T.I.
Favorite movie: Remember The Titans
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite video game: Madden
Favorite football players: Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Tom Brady
Favorite thing to do when not playing football: Play basketball
Dream school: South Carolina

Northwestern 2009 RB/ATH Jarrett Neely

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