Notes on Dorman / Spartanburg Tix and Parking

Important Information for fans going to the Big Game Friday Night. 15,000 to 16,000 will be on hand so everyone drive safely.

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Tickets for the Spartanburg vs Dorman Football game are sold out. 12,000 tickets have been sold....together with approximately another 3,000 (passes for teachers, band, football teams, SCHS passes, press, and dignataries) will bring the expected attendance total to 15,000.


As a result, there will be a different parking plan.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: There will be NO PARKING on the road going into the stadium from either the main entrance and/or the Freshman Entrance.....BOTH ENTRANCES will be open to both enter and leave the Stadium. Cars will be directed to park behind the Ninth Grade school as well as other places that have been un-used to-date. One more time, there will be no parking on the roads feeding Dorman. Shuttle buses will be transporting fans to and from the stadium from these distant parking areas. Get there early and take your time going home at the games conclusion. For safety reasons, please use the main walking areas, short cuts will end up taking you longer and for the most part are unsafe. Do not, do not remove any fencing or go over or under the same, it is there for a reason.


Now, here's a great plan. The Blue Bells will be holding a SPAGHETTI Supper in the Dorman Cafeteria. Tickets are $5.00. Capri's of Spartanburg will be catering this event. You will have a salad, dessert, and a drink with your meal. A great buy I might add. Sooooooooo the plan, get there early, park your car and come visit Dorman's new cafeteria....if you haven't seen's spectacular! You can get a view of the Stadium as it fills. Then about game time, waltz on down to your seat and help our Cavaliers "GET IT ON"! You will be able to eat-in or take-out....they will start serving at 5:00 and end at 7:00. Now that's a plan!



Also I received a few emails with some interesting numbers from the Byrnes game last week.


Paid attendence was 10,200. Probably closer to 13,000 were in the house.


The concession stand sold:

1200 Hot Dogs

1200 Chick Fil A

671    Large Pizza

over 3000 soft drinks

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