A Look on the Inside - - - The Spartanburg Game

After a togu loss to the Byrnes Rebels, Lee takes a look forward to the City Showdown and the this weeks big matchup.

       This past week's game against Byrnes is not as fun to re-cap as the
previous games.  No longer are we undefeated but one game has not changed out
ultimate goal of getting to and winning the state championship.  I would like
to congratulate the Byrnes team and coaches on their win.  Hopefully, we can
learn from our mistakes and this game will make us a better football team for
the rest of the season.

       We played well on offense and defense in the first half and seemed to 
be in control of the game.  Byrnes completed a long pass over the middle with
about one minute left in the half and scored a touchdown a few seconds later
to make the score 14-10. 

       We broke a couple of long runs in the first half for scores but Byrnes
seemed to make adjustments at halftime to shut down our running game.  They
completed another long pass on their first possession of the second half and
went on to score a touchdown and take the lead.  A very tough football game
was over very quickly as Byrnes converted two quick turnovers into defensive

       Now, we must see how we handle adversity and come back after a tough
loss.  There is no time to dwell on the past as we have a tough schedule the
rest of the season heading into the playoffs.  This week we face our rival
Spartanburg High and there will be jam packed stadium at Dorman this week. 
I'm sure we will have the lights situation tested and corrected this week. 
Last week's game was delayed almost two hours due to a burnt transformer.

       It's been said that there will be more people at our game this week
than at any other game in the history of S.C. high school football.  It
should be a lot of fun and we plan to fare better this week than last.  This
Friday we will see. 

                                            See ya next week,

                                             Lee McKenzie

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