The Battle of Cats and Dogs at the Beach

In a battle for Region 6 Supremacy, Marlboro and Conway meet to decide a region, a playoff seed and to settle some old fashion hate issues on the field Friday night in Conway.

Marlboro County Bulldogs vs. Conway Tigers Preview
The time has come for the Bulldogs and Tigers to meet once again, in what is anticipated to be the game of the year in the Pee Dee/Grandstrand area.

Last year, the Bulldogs and Tigers met on two different occasions. The Bulldogs were victorious in both games, even though neither game was held at McAlpine Stadium.

This year's rivalry match-up will be back at the beach, due to region alignments. Fans are encouraged to depart from Marlboro County early to be assured a seat, despite additional seats will be available on the visitors side of the "boneyard".

The Conway Faithful
The Conway Tigers are well known for containing a large amount of key players. Here's some of the courageous cats that are partially responsible for Conway's current 7-1 record.

The dynamic duo of Allen Patrick and Melvin Simmons are well respected by the Bulldogs; realizing each of them have the potential to lead Cownay to victory. Patrick, who returned for his last eligible year at Conway High, has rushed for 646 yards, three touchdowns on 88 attempts. Singleton, who is also a senior, manages 530 rushing yards adn 11 touchdowns thus far this season.

Dock Doyle is Conway's leading receiver with 16 catches, 209 yards, and 1 touchdown.

Other Top Cats:

Marco Phillips - LB/FB Senior
Quentin Sherman - DB Senior
Markie McQueen - LB/RB Senior
Kerebi Gause - DL/TE Junior
Bobby Wallace - RB/WR Sophomore

Quarterback Connection

Marlboro's Syvelle Newton has entertained the crowds thus far in his senior season, and he seems to gain momentium during a rivals match-up, especially on the road. Newton's pass to Kevin Ashwood is what gave the Bulldogs the 17-10 victory over Conway last season on November 30 at Williams Brice Stadium.

Conway's quarterback Duran Lawson may very well be the most under-rated quarterback in the Pee Dee/Grandstrand area. He's thrown for 506 yards, two touchdowns, and a pair of interceptions.

Homecoming for a Bulldog Coach this Friday!
Coach Kevin Wymbs came to the Bulldogs staff this summer in hope to be apart of this newly winning tradition. He is a former coach of the Conway Tigers and he is very excited to hopefully be on the winning end of the ball this Friday night. He coach's the outside linebackers and he plans to be involved in the Bulldog Basketball program.

The Bulldogs have the slight advantage according to statistics; the road team has won the previous three games.

The Bulldog faithful will have to play their "A Game" vs. Conway, considering this may result in being the Region 6-AAAA Championship.

All of the Bulldogs will be reunited as a whole, after individual suspensions that lasted from two to four games. Syvelle Newton, Rod Broady, Robert Ayers, and company will be depended on to perform one of their best games of the year. Outside linebacker, Jason Pruitt will start this Friday, after being given the longest suspesion by the SCHSL. Pruitt played strong this past week in practice, allowing Coach Boyd to become more confident in Pruitt as a starter.

The Cat/Dog rivalry showdown will kickoff Thursday night at McAlpine Stadium, where the J.V. Bulldogs will host the J.V. Conway Tigers. That is, if it isn't raining like cats and dogs in Bennettsville Thursday night.

The Bash at the Beach will start at 8:00 p.m. at the "BONEyard"; featuring the Conway Kitties and your Marlboro County Bulldogs.

Cat/Dog Rivalry History
The History of the Cat/Dog Showdown:

2001 - MC 17 Conway 10 (State Championship)
          MC 38 Conway 07

2000 - MC 09 Conway 21

1999 - MC 39 Conway 12

1998 - MC 19 Conway 0

1997 - MC 14 Conway 11

1996 - MC   0 Conway 28

1995 - MC 08 Conway 48

1994 - MC 32 Conway 08

1993 - MC 14 Conway 07

1992 - MC 07 Conway 03

1991 - MC 31 Conway 13

1990 - MC 21 Conway   0

1989 - MC 42 Conway   0

1988 - MC   0 Conway 38

The Bulldogs claim 11 of the 15 games between the Bulldogs and Conway Tigers.

Region 6-AAAA Games for Week 9
Marlboro County @ Conway
Crestwood @ Socastee
South Florence @ Hartsville

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