Khris Middleton: Has 1st Offer

Milton Jennings may be the #1 player in the state for 2009 but Porter-Gaud SG Khris Middleton is doing everything he can to lock down at least #2 and challenge for the #1 spot. Middleton has been playing lights out lately and his offensive firepower is being evaluated by college coaches across the nation. Come inside and learn the very latest about the hottest player in the state.

The class of 2009 is loaded with talent and nobody is hotter than Porter-Gaud SG Khris Middleton. Lately Middleton has been dominating the competition and appears to get better and better as each game passes. We caught up with the 2009 star to find out the very latest regarding his season and recruitment.

The season has been very successful for Middleton and his Porter-Gaud squad. One of their biggest games this year provided Middleton with a chance to shine against one of the nation's top teams and a pair of 4 star prospects. "The best game this year was against Christ School with the Plumlee brothers, Miles Plumlee and Mason Plumlee. It was a tough game that we led with 5 minutes left but ended up losing by 5. It was a tough loss but it proved that we could compete with one of the best teams in the country. I ended up with 23 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals in the game." (For video highlights of Middleton in action versus Christ School and other teams visit his profile page.)

Averaging 18 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals per game this year Middleton has wowed college coaches with his all-around abilities on the court. In fact since our last interview with him he's seen even more coaches make the trip to Porter-Gaud to get a personal look at his game Middleton says. "Coach Martelli of Saint Josephs came to a home game early in the season. Coach Odom of South Carolina and coaches from Georgia and Clemson have been to some games also. I keep in touch with Coach Betts from Oklahoma, and Coach Grant from Wichita State. Coaches from High Point, Virginia Tech, UNC Charlotte, Winthrop and CSU keep in touch with Coach Pearson, my high school coach. I get a lot of mail from Tennessee, VCU, and Georgia Tech. There are a lot of others too."

South Carolina had been pursuing Middleton the hardest during our last talks with him and since then Dave Odom has announced his retirement effective at the end of the season. We posed the question that would Odom's departure have an effect on his thoughts about the Gamecocks. "It will affect my decision on going to USC because I really did like Coach Odom and Coach Potasnik, they came to a few practices and games, but it won't have a big effect depending on who will get the coaching position next year."

Khris also has received his first scholarship offer recently as well. "I have a scholarship offer from High Point." With an offer already in hand Middleton has been busy making some unofficial visits this past offseason and recently as well. "Since the summer has ended I've made a visit to Virginia Tech. When I went up there, I toured the campus, watched their team workouts, and went to a football game. My parents and I enjoyed everything we saw and got the chance to meet the players and the coaches up there also. I've been to South Carolina for a few games and Clemson a few times. I was at the tough loss to UNC. Both of those schools have great gyms."

He also informed us of some plans for the upcoming offseason as well. "I will be playing with the Carolina Celtics again this summer. I also plan on making a visit to St. Joseph's and Oklahoma. I'm not sure on where else just yet though."

Given the tremendous amounts of mail and interest Middleton has been receiving from schools throughout the country he says that he'd like to narrow his list of schools down by the beginning of next season. So college coaches trying to find a 6'6 scorer with tremendous upside should step up immediately and make their case for his commitment now. will have more updates with Khris Middleton as he continues to sizzle on the hardwood and on the recruiting trail.

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