UP NEXT: 2009 Goose Creek High OL Daniel Berg

Standing at a massive 6-8, 340 pounds, OL Daniel Berg possess a physical presence that has college coaches drooling in their sleep. SCPrepNation.com recently had the honor of speaking with the LowCountry product. Inside, the big guy talks the latest on the recruiting front and his plans for the upcoming summer. Come inside to learn more about the big O-line prospect from Goose Creek High.

SCPrepNation.com went one on one with OL Daniel Berg, in an effort to introduce him to high school football fans across the Palmetto State. Check out what he has to say in this exclusive interview with LowCountry editor, Shedrick L. Moorer…

One on One with Daniel Berg

SM: How have things been going for you so far this year?
DB: Things have actually been going pretty well for me…

SM: Your name has been a hot topic around the LowCountry, especially when discussing o-line prospects. What position(s) do you play?
DB: I play right tackle.

SM: How big are you?
DB: I'm 6-8, and I weigh about 340 pounds.

SM: Wow, that's unbelievable… Has anyone been looking at you early on?
DB: I've been receiving a few letters from Georgia Tech and Maryland so far. I've actually met Coach Seamonson from Maryland. I've also met a couple of coaches from North Greenville and Wofford College.

SM: Who's been showing the most interest in you so far?
DB: Maryland has probably been showing me the most interest. They like my size and my aggressiveness on the field. They also like my GPA. I had a 3.7 on this past year. I am ranked 40th out of 300+ students in my class.

SM: Talk about some of your strengths on the field.
DB: My strength is run blocking. I am really good at that. I am really good at standing up my man and creating holes.

SM: Talk about some of your weaknesses, and the skills you would like to improve on?
DB: My weakness is probably my lateral movement on pass blocking.

SM: Have you been doing anything to improve those weaknesses?
DB: Yes sir, I've been doing a lot of footwork drills to improve my skills.

SM: Will you be doing any camping this summer?
DB: Yes sir, I am thinking about going to Wofford for their Wing-T Option Camp. I was also going to see about going up to Maryland for their camp also.

SM: Is there a particular player that you enjoy watching?
DB: I like Jake Long from Michigan. I just like how aggressive he plays the game.

SM: One last question, do you have any goals for next season?
DB: I'd like to win a state championship next fall. I'd also like to achieve a 3.8 in the classroom.

SM: Daniel, it's truly been a pleasure talking to you. I truly wish you much success in the near future.
DB: Thank you very much, sir.

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