Newton speaks out on Shrine Bowl on Florence TV

Our first look at what is shaping up as the biggest High School story of the season. Syvelle Newton makes his first public statment on the Shrine Bowl mess.

Tonight Syvelle Newton was interviewed on a local television station in the Florence area.


He was quoted as saying that the treatment he has received this week and what people have said this week have made him rethink his college decision.


Prior to this week, Newton had publicly stated his love for the University of South Carolina and for Coach Lou Holtz. He has also made positive remarks concerning Coach Tommy Bowden and the Clemson Tiger program. He has repeatedly expressed positive remarks concerning both of our fine in-state Division 1 programs and what they offered to him from an athletic and academic standpoint.


Tonight he said that he was rethinking his decision and would look closer at the University of Nebraska and the University of California at Los Angeles, both fine schools and programs.


After years of watching our top hgh school players in South Carolina leave the state to attend Florida St., Penn St, Tennessee, and Georgia, we have finally started to close the borders.


Coach Bowden and Coach Holtz have done a fantastic job of selling the virtues of Clemson and South Carolina and have given our top players reasons to stay home in the Palmetto State for their college football careers.


Of the current SC Pigskin Prep Top 16 Players, almost all are considering and favoring either South Carolina or Clemson. Of our top 60 players, most are looking at Clemson, USC and our great Division 1AA programs at Furman, Wofford, Citadel and SC State. Other may find a chance to play at Presbyterian, Coastal, Newberry, Charleston Southern and North Greenville. We are fortunate that these schools give our young men a choice to play in our great state at our great schools.


In one decision by this Shrine Bowl Coach all this could all change. The borders could be reopening and here come the Vols, Noles, Dogs and Lions.


Syvelle Newton looked upset this evening. Who can blame him? But hopefully Coach Holtz and / or Coach Bowden can keep the players at home and show Newton that the overwhelming majority of South Carolinians want to watch him and Demetrius play in the Shrine Bowl. Hopefully this injustice can be corrected.


For those that say this is not a big deal, that it is only 2 players, are missing the big picture and the repercussions. The Shrine Bowl and game will take a back seat to this story. People could skip the game and the Shriners fantastic cause will suffer.


We will release our entire report on the Shrine Bowl selections as soon as the list is released Monday morning. We will report on this entire week that has been, what our investigation has turned up and many astounding facts concerning the selection of this Shrine Bowl team.


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