Justin Bright Part 1: Talks 1st Offer

In the first of this two part story about Byrnes 2009 safety Justin Bright he talks about his first scholarship offer and how it developed. It's been a great 24 hours for Bright but we expect the ride to get even better before long. Come inside and check out part 1 of this interview with Justin Bright.

I along with others call it "the snowball effect" and that's exactly what I expect to happen for 2009 Byrnes safety Justin Bright. Always a superb player for the Rebels the 2009 standout received his first scholarship offer on Thursday. SCPrepNation.com sat down and talked with Bright at length about the very latest.

"The snowball effect" I speak of is what Bright will experience in the following weeks after receiving his first scholarship offer came from the Florida State Seminoles on Thursday. Other college coaching staffs recruiting Bright will have to take a serious look at their interest level in the 2009 prospect. Given the level of Florida State's program those other interested parties will more than likely step up and offer him as well.

Bright had this to say after learning about his first scholarship offer. "It's a reward. You feel rewarded for how hard you work. You get that first look and it shows you that somebody really wants you to come play for them."

The Seminoles did not seem to be that hot and heavy after Bright early on but things escalated very quickly after they received his highlight tape and talked with Byrnes 2008 FSU commit DE Everett Dawkins. "I was surprised by it. I mean somewhat because I figured my first offer would come from an in-state like Clemson or USC but that's what I was thinking. Everett said something to me before that coach Allen really liked me. He told me Monday that coach Allen was talking about offering me and Ricco. I didn't know if he was just talking or what."

In fact he talked about how he learned of his offer today. "Coach Tate said that Florida State wanted to offer me but wanted to see if I was a legit 6'2. I know I am 6'2 but he was just messing with me." In fact Tate and head coach Chris Miller knew of the offer already. The head coach couldn't hold the news in any longer and told Bright after noon today as it was originally planned that it would be announced at Thursday's Byrnes football banquet where FSU coach Jimbo Fisher was the guest speaker. Bright says in preparing for tonight's banquet though he pulled ou the tape measure and it read 6'3 1/2 in his dress shoes so he knew everything was on the up and up just to be certain.

"Coach Allen called earlier and coach Miller told him I was busy working out. I got to talk to coach Allen after my workout and then Jimbo Fisher tonight. I also talked with coach Andrews for 10 or 15 minutes too on the phone earlier, I really like coach Andrews and he said he liked how I play and how aggressive I am."

SCPrepNation.com will have part 2 of this interview with Justin Bright later on Friday afternoon so stay tuned as he talks about his feelings about FSU at this stage, on other schools still involved in his recruitment (including some recent visits), his tremendous work in the classroom, and his tireless drive to work harder to improve his game.

Byrnes 2009 S Justin Bright

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