The Shrine Bowl , The Marlboro County and Northwestern Appeal and our thoughts

We have put together what can only be described as an amazing chain of events, questions and dubious actions by many coaches around the state.

The list is out and we are now giving those involved a chance to respond and give their side of the story before we publish what we have been told. In all fairness, we owe these coaches a chance to respond before we run the article.

We believe that we will have an interview with Coach Ringer and many other this week. A mutual friend is working to set this up. As we try (but sometimes fail) to be a responsible website viewed by tens of thousands each day, we feel we owe the parties; the opportunity to respond before we release what may only be half the story.

Like many of you we are angered and bewildered by the selections and believe there may be problems with the selection process but we want to be fair and give Coach Ringer the chance to have his say before we release our thoughts.

 Likewise we have not had a chance to review all the facts surrounding the Marlboro and Northwestern denied appeal. We want to have the opportunity to check out some quotes, get a few direct quotes and hear the entire story beyond a 2 paragraph press release.  We will release this story later this week also.




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