Tyson Dozier: ACC & SEC Interest Already

A couple of ACC and SEC programs are already showing Carolina High RB Tyson Dozier some attention early on. Possibly the hardest runner in the state at 6'1 195 pounds Dozier has the frame to add more weight possibly and become a productive blue collar back on the next level should he improve his speed this offseason. Come inside and learn more about the best running back you've never heard of.

This past season RB Tyson Dozier broke the Carolina High School single season rushing record with 1228 yards on 171 carries. The 6'1 195 pound prospect caught the eye of SCPrepNation.com early on last year and currently he finds himself nestled right alongside the big names of the 2009 class. The Carolina Trojan sat down with SCPrepNation.com to break down a number of things: last season, his recruitment, his workout schedule, and expectations for his senior season next year.

The first thing you notice about Dozier is the fact that he is indeed a legit 6'1. Long and lean right now he doesn't appear to be a power back. Guess again. Dozier is one of the hardest runners we've seen in quite some time. He runs with a blend of great vision, patience, and sheer determination when tacklers attempt to engage him. That formula brought forth a great junior season and a few remarkable performances for Dozier.

The 2009 prospect recalled some of his best performances from a year ago. "My best game last year was against Blacksburg. I had 302 yards rushing against them. I just started breaking loose from guys trying to tackle me and before I knew it I had 302 yards. The Abbeville game was special for me too because I broke the school record against them." As for setting the school record he had this to say, "It felt good. I felt like I met my goal when I did that. I wanted to be the best running back ever here at Carolina High."

We had our own thoughts about his strongest attributes as a running back but we asked Dozier to give a self analysis of his strengths as a back. "I'd have to say my strengths are my vision, that I follow my blocking, and my power. I'm not that fast but that will change this offseason. I am already working hard to improve my speed." (Currently reports a 4.7 in the 40)

The will that he imposes on defenders is extremely impressive. Asked about his knack for taking defenders along for an extra 3 to 5 yards on most plays when most backs would crumble and throw up the white flag he replied, "People helping me. My blockers up front and also because people have always been telling me that if I set my mind to it I can do anything. That's why I run so hard."

With another year ahead of him Dozier has already started the process to improve his talents. "I will improve on my speed. Next year is my last year, I'm going to go hard. I'm improving my power and catching ability out of the backfield too. My personal goal for next year is to get about 2500 yards and try to be the best I can possibly be."

The Trojans and Dozier enjoyed some success last season but they faced a number of tough opponents. None tougher than another orange squad from Spartanburg County. "Chapman was very tough. Those boys were playing hard. They play their hearts out. Their line was strong and ours was really young so it was a tough game. Our guys are working on getting a lot better up front this year with more experience and getting stronger/bigger."

Having landed on the recruiting radar to a degree Dozier is hearing from a few schools already on a regular basis. "I hear from North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Alabama the most. I'd like to hear from Clemson and South Carolina State too." Dozier says he plans on attending North Carolina's camp and the Scout.com/Under Armour Combine in Charlotte this offseason along with a few more stops along the way.

Dozier projects as an easy full qualifier as a strong performer in the classroom as well. He says getting a good education and the chance to play early weigh heavily for him when looking at schools.

Inside The Numbers...Tyson Dozier
Bench press: 285 pounds
Squat: 450 pounds
Fastest 40: 4.7 seconds (prior to season)

A Closer Look At...Tyson Dozier
Teams he looks forward to facing next season:
Southside: Because that's our homecoming and everybody's at that game. We gotta do our best to make Carolina look good.
Blacksburg: I want to see if I can possibly get another big game against them this year.
Chapman: I want to see if we can have a better showing against them since they went to state last year.
Players he admires:Emmitt Smith. I like his power and strength. He's so strong. The way he juked people and he was just a great running back.

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