Region 7 and 8 AAAA up for grabs this week

Two huge games on the line this Friday in the lowcountry. Region 7 and 8 championships on the line as Wando hosts #1 Stratford for the region 7 title and Colleton County hosts Summerville for the region 8 title. Both oughta be barn burners

Weather reports say temps oughta be in the low 50's on Friday at game time. Skys will be clear and in at least two places here in the lowcountry it will be standing room only. Whether you are a Knights or Warriors fan, a Couger or a Wave fan everything so far this season boils down to 48 minutes this Friday for all the marbles.

The Knights will pit a very powerful offense with multiple weapons including Shrine bowl RB Rodney Kinlaw and FB Patrick Capers against one of the most punishing ground assaults in the state. Kinlaw will get his highlight run of the night but don't look for too may 10+ yard runs on either side of the ball. both teams field stubborn defenses that play a "bend but don't break" style of defense. This week is particularly tough on the Knights since Wando coach Bob Hayes was the Kngihts defensive guru for 16 years and pretty much designed and developed the defensive  system the Knights use. This will require the Knights to change all the calls they have been use to using to disguise their coverages.

This game will come down to two things. Passing game and kicking game. The Knights have the edge in the passing department with soph QB Devon Green and teh Warriors have the edge in the kicking game with sr Wesley Wilson. Wilson just flat does not miss a field goal. You get him to the 30 yard line, they have three points. Berkeley found that out the hard way two weeks ago, losing in double overtime on a Wilson field goal. The Knights have won the last five meetings averaging 38 points while the Warriors have only averaged 8.2 points per  contest. That will not happen this year.

Look for a very exciting game with all the tricks coming out of the bag on both sidelines. The winner will need to use every trick they have in this one to come out on top. Should be well worth the drive and the 5 buck admission.


Down Walterboro way, there is another wild one getting ready to go down between the Colleton County Cougers and the Summerville Green Wave for the Region 8 title. This will be a classic battle of speed versus power. Cougers will out speed you on offense and the Wave will just run down your throat. Very simply put, if the Wave defense cannot control the edges, the Cougars will score and score often. The Wave cannot play this kind of game and would basically just run out of clock trying to keep up. IF on the other hand they do control the corners and contain that great speed the Cougars have, it will be a very close game indeed.

Colleton County has really improved since they were soundly defeated at Stratford 48-0 early in the season. Since then they have racked up seven wins in some very exciting ball games. Summerville has also done well since it's meeting with the Knights who handed them their only shutout of the season so far 12-0.

Bottom line on this one......if the Cougars can beat the Wave defense to the corners, it will be a Cougar blowout. If the Wave defense can contain the Cougar speed it will be a very close game. Cougars have the edge in pulling out the win in close games this year and they may need it this week.

So, if your looking for a game to go to and your team is done for the year, go on out to one of these two, either one will be well worth the drive, where ever you come from.

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