Aldrick Fordham: Closing In On ACC Offer?

When we last spoke to Aldrick Fordham, the 6-3, 220 pound DE/TE was being pursued heavily by Wake Forest. Well, the ACC program has been steadily keeping close tabs on the Timberland High standout. However, one question arises, how close are they to extending him a scholarship offer? Come inside to get the latest scoop.

Aldrick Fordham has yet to receive his first big-time scholarship offer. However though, that big day could be approaching fairly soon. "I really think Wake Forest is going to offer me soon," Fordham said. "They are waiting on me to get the scores that I need on the SAT. When I took the test last year, I came up a little short on the Critical Reading part. But I'm going to take it again, and try to pull up my score."

Wake Forest has been pursuing Fordham for quite sometime now, and according to the LowCountry star, they haven't missed a beat since day one. "They've been sending me quite a few general letters," Fordham said. "They have also been sending me personal letters; letters that they have been personally writing me. They've been keeping me up to date with everything that's been going on with their spring practice. They have also been telling me how much they want me to wear the black and gold."

Aldrick has been up to Wake Forest on quite a few occasions to check on Coach Grobe and Company. However, he has been seriously thinking about making another trip to Winston Salem sometime in the near future. "I was thinking about going to the spring game at Wake Forest, Fordham said. "I think it's going to be sometime next month. I'm not exactly sure."

Wake Forest is not the only program that has been hot and heavy on the 6-3, 220 pound DE/TE. "Maryland, NC State, and Georgia have been writing me letters," Fordham said. "Those particular schools have been writing me the most out of everybody else. South Carolina has been writing me a lot too."

With the Evaluation Period officially underway, we are certain that things will continue to heat up for the Timberland High standout. As always, will keep you posted on the very latest…

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