Implication from the Tuesday Rulings

The possible scenrios of Tuesday's court proceedings in Beaufort County.

South Carolina Pigskin Prep learned this evening the following information from a source directly related to the current SCHSL Class 4A playoff crisis.

The HSL is currently evaluating the options left to the organization after the ruling in Darlington County on Friday. The HSL is VERY confident that the case will be thrown out on Tuesday in a timely manner and fully expect the case to be dismissed in their favor.

In the unlikely event that the case in not disposed of on Tuesday morning, the HSL would immediate appeal to a higher court to reverse any adverse ruling by a judge in favor of the two teams. If that is the case then the litigation would continue and the SCHSL would in the most likely scenario cancel the games scheduled in the Class 4A playoffs for Friday November 15th. The HSL would not accept the judgment in Beaufort without an appeal that could reach the highest court in the state and this would take time to be heard.

If the litigation continues in any form past Tuesday, the odds are very high that there will be no games on Friday. If the situation is resolved after that one way or the other then the HSL would explore the distinct possibly of eliminating an entire round (The First Round) of the 2002 Class 4A playoffs. Our source confirmed today that the HSL will not delay the playoffs a week due to their unwillingness to have the 4A playoffs interfere with the Shrine Bowl or the North South All Star Game. The HSL also has NO arrangement with the University of South Carolina to use Williams Brice Stadium for the championships beyond December 6-7. In this case there is no alternative but to abbreviate the Class 4A playoffs starting on a possible date of November 22 with 8 teams playing. The semifinal would then continue on November 29th and the finals would proceed as scheduled on December 6 at 8:00 for the Class 4A Division 2 and December 7 at 2:00PM for the Big 16 Championship.

The short of this is simple. If the case is dismissed and the courts rule in favor of the HSL then the playoffs will proceed as scheduled Friday Night.

If the courts rule against the HSL or fail to rule in a timely fashion then the HSL will appeal to a higher court and cancel the games in Class 4A for this Friday night while the appeal courts hear the case. If the case drags on for days or into the following week then the real possibility exist that the Class 4A playoffs may not occur at all this year.

South Carolina Pigskin independently confirmed this information from a second and separate source prior to running this story. Likewise the Charlotte Observer also reported that the delaying of the playoffs was a possible outcome of the proceedings.


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