How Good Is 2009 SG Khris Middleton?

2009 SG Khris Middleton is arguably the state's hottest prospect in the 2009 class. At 6'7 and 195 pounds the Porter-Gaud star has plenty of the tools D1 schools are looking for. Inside an in-depth look at Middleton as we spoke with a man who knows the 2009 star quite well, his Porter-Gaud coach John Pearson.

KF: Talk about what Khris means to your team.

JP: Khris brings an immeasurable amount of basketball IQ to Porter–Gaud basketball. When he's on the floor it seems as though all of his teammates play better. He's a complete offensive threat…inside, outside (3's and mid-range), slash and penetrate…rebounding, and a smart ball handler. He has the ability to score big…but more importantly he's one of the few players I've coached that can dominate a game without scoring big.

KF: What were his season averages from this past season?

JP: 21 points 8.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists

KF: Talk about some of the top competition you guys faced last season.

JP: We played Christ School from Arden NC, Gonzaga Prep from Washington D.C., and Pinewood Prep from Summerville. Khris lead us in scoring and rebounding in each contest. (Was second in rebounding when we played Christ School.

KF: What kind of defenses and schemes have you seen from opposing teams to try and slow Khris down?

JP: We did see a lot of teams tighten up on Khris when we were played man to man. Some teams went to a denial on Khris. It was tough to do against us because of Khris' running mate Travis Smith and the emergence of Jamal Curry being legitimate threats.

KF: How difficult Porter-Gaud is academically for those who aren't familiar with the school?

JP: Porter-Gaud's academic atmosphere is extraordinarily challenging. All courses are college preparatory courses. The content and volume gets difficult and time management is without a doubt a skill that has to be controlled and mastered. Khris has done a very nice job of balancing his academics and basketball earning a 3.34 grade point avg. despite a rigorous basketball regiment.

KF: What do you feel are his biggest strengths on the court right now at this stage in his career?

JP: Khris's biggest strength on the court is his ability to score. He's most effective maximizing an offensive scheme but he can get his own shot when asked or needed. He can score from anywhere on the floor,…long range, mid- range, fast breaks, and post ups.

KF: What areas of his game would you like to see improvement from him?

JP: Although he has made great strides in this area, one on one defense should be something he stresses. He has made himself into a good team defender, and the one on one defense is close behind. He's been working on his agility, speed and quickness during the offseason and it has proved to be helpful. Toward the last third of the season, his defensive assignments and expectations became much tougher. He's definitely made great strides in that area.

KF: What makes Khris so outstanding not only as a basketball player but as a young man in general?

JP: His attitude, academics and basketball are in good standing. He is popular on campus. In short he is respected and well liked. He is respectfull and thoughtful of his peers and teachers. Khris is light hearted and easy going which speaks to his popularity.

KF: What major D1 schools on the radar stay in contact with you the most about Khris whether it be phone calls or visits during games or open gym settings?

JP: Right now the schools that contact me the most about Khris are Oklahoma, Tennessee, St. Joseph's, William and Mary, Charleston Southern, College of Charleston, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Clemson. There are more that don't write the school but they write and send mail directly to his home. will have the very latest on Khris Middleton's recruitment so stay tuned right here!

Note: Khris and his Carolina Celtics teammates have arrived in Akron Ohio to play in this weekend's King James Shooting Stars Classic. We will have updates throughout the weekend on just how the Celtics perform along with any other South Carolina prospects participating as well.

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