King James Shooting Stars Classic Update

New staff member Ty Crowe is following the Carolina Celtics as they are in Akron Ohio participating in the King James Shooting Stars Classic. Come inside for an update on game one for Robbie Dreher (pictured) and the Celtics as they are playing in a hellaciously strong pool with The Family and Illinois Wolves.

After making it to the Final Four at the Kingwood Classic last weekend in Houston Texas the Carolina Celtics are in Akron Ohio this weekend. After a long bus ride up to Akron the Carolina Celtics came out extremely flat against The Family in their first game of pool play.

"Honestly they still look tired from last weekend and the bus ride up here didn't help things it seems. The Family is a big squad and the Celtics are without the services of Devin Booker this weekend due to his prom I believe." Crowe told us.

The Family walked over the Celtics 62-44 and Khris Middleton managed to score 16 points to lead the Celtics. Fellow 2009 prospects Robbie Dreher had 5, Willis Hall had 6, and Joe McNeely had 4. McNeely had a nasty gash over his eye requiring 10 stitches making a hustle play last weekend but is a gamer obviously playing this weekend with the wound.

Up next in pool play are the Illinois Wolves who parlayed a similar beatdown on The Family on Friday winning by 20 points. It will be interesting to see how the Celtics respond knowing that their next opponents were able to destroy a team that they had major difficulty staying with in their opener.

Stay tuned, will have more updates as the tourney continues.

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