One on One With Byron Best

Byron Best participated in the UA/ Combine that was held in Charlotte, NC on last weekend. Best ran an impressive 4.37 in the forty-yard dash, which happened to be the fastest time clocked amongst all the participants. went one-on-one with the Greenwood High standout to get the scoop on his first combine experience and the latest for him on the recruiting front. conducted an exclusive interview with Greenwood High School CB Byron Best. During our conversation with Best, the 5-10, 180 pound corner talked about his experience in Charlotte, NC and the recruiting attention he's been receiving early on…

SM: What was your first reaction when you received the invitation for the UnderArmour/ combine?

BB: I was surprised when I got the letter because I never thought that an opportunity like this would come for me.

SM: Were you nervous at all, about attending the combine?

BB: Yes sir, I was very nervous at first. I have to admit that I was very frightened at the time, because it was my first time attending a combine. I just had to put myself in the mindset to go out and compete.

SM: After overcoming your fears, you came out and vertically jump 43 inches. How did you pull that one off?

BB: I just did the technique that I'd been taught by my uncle; how to jump. I really didn't know how to jump at first, but I got the technique down the day before the combine. I just did the best that I could, and jump the highest that I could.

SM: Shortly after posting a 43 inch vertical, you went out and recorded the fastest time in the forty-yard dash, on what many people considered a slow surface…

BB: Once again, it was all about technique. I'm a track guy; I do AAU track. I also lift weights real hard on my lower body. I just used my track form, and ran as fast as I could.

SM: Were you pleased with your overall performance on Saturday?

BB: Yes sir, I was very pleased. I thought it went very well. I was very loud and very emotional… It was truly a blessing.

SM: Switching to the recruiting front… how's the process been going for you so far?

BB: The recruiting process is going really well. I've been hearing from a lot of schools like Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Clemson, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Michigan, Georgia Tech and Ohio State. There are so many; I can't name all of them.

SM: Any offers yet?

BB: No one has pulled the plug, but those schools really have a lot of interest in me. I don't have any offers yet, but it'll come though. I just have to be patient. It gets hard sometimes, but it's not about my time, it's about my Father's time.

SM: What are some of the things that you're looking for in a program?

BB: I'm interested in a program that has a strong FCA. That is very important to me. I like that about Georgia. Every football team says a prayer before they go out onto the field, but it's very unique how they do it. Also, Coach Richt promises you two things at Georgia, that you will be saved, and that you'll have an education before leaving Georgia.

SM: Talk a little bit about your play/numbers on the field from last season?

BB: I really didn't do so much as far as stats, because I was locking my receivers down so much last year. I really shut down my receivers well last year; they rarely threw my way. In a way, it was kind of frustrating, but I just kept doing my job.

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