Woodmont's T'Ara Berry Signs With Coker

T'Ara Berry was going to continue her basketball career somewhere on the college level. We knew it the first time we saw her play. Today she signed a letter of intent with Coker College where she'll continue her hoops career and work towards a college degree. Come inside with SCPrepNation.com as we have an exclusive Q&A with the Woodmont High School standout, T'Ara Berry.

T'Ara Berry

KF: You've just signed with Coker. What stood out for you the most about Coker?
TB: A few things stood out to me, for one I was looking for that home away from home feeling. and that is what I felt when I was at Coker, and on the team there are 5 international players and I think that will give me a chance to broaden my horizons.

KF: What other schools were you hearing from towards the end of your recruitment?
TB: Southern Wesleyan, Morris College, Paine College, and Columbia College.

KF: Talk about some of your fondest memories playing for Woodmont.
TB: Over these past 4 years playing for Woodmont, I can say that my last 2 are my most memorable. Getting new coaches and learning a different system helped us shock a lot of people. In my early years people didn't respect us, but that has changed they had to prepare for us, and if they didn't then an upset was bound to happen. Working hard and gaining respect from the other county schools is one of the best memories I will take from playing at Woodmont.

KF: What will you miss the most about Woodmont?
TB: I will miss everything about Woodmont, all of the good old school days, summer workouts and games but come June 5th they will all be behind me and I'm looking forward to new beginnings.

KF: What are you most looking forward to about Coker and college itself?
TB: I'm looking forward to meeting new people, moving 3hrs away from home is going to give me a since of independence and really giving me a chance to live the college life.

KF: Have you been continuing your workouts, playing a lot of pickup ball, or running with an AAU team to keep your skills sharp?
TB: Yes I have, at Coker they have us on this 12 week workout plan, and it keeps me pretty busy. I play a lot pick-up games with guys at the local parks and YMCA.

KF: What aspects of your game have you been working on the most to prepare yourself for college basketball?
TB: I've been working on my defense, its good to be able to score a lot of points but if I can lock down one of their best players and cut their production in half then I'm very satisfied with that. And also getting faster and stronger on both ends of the court.

KF: Who are your heroes whether it be for basketball or just life in general? Why?
TB: Both sets of my parents, my mom and my step-father and my dad and my step-mother. They were always there for me and made sure I had what I needed and wanted to be successful. And they instilled in me that nothing comes easy you have to work for it, and don't worry about getting rewards for good things, because you're suppose to do it automatically.

KF: What will you be majoring in at Coker?
TB: I plan on majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science but that may change.

KF: What do you envision for yourself after you finish your college career say 5 or 6 years from now?
TB: Hopefully playing in the WNBA or overseas playing professional basketball!

T'Ara Berry

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