2008 Signee Update: DE Everett Dawkins

SCPrepNation.com brings you another FREE signee update with one of the very best prospects in the 2008 class, Byrnes DE Everett Dawkins. Headed to FSU we had an exclusive Q&A with the young man who tore it up on the high school level and is looking to do more of the same during his collegiate career. Come inside for the latest with SCPrepNation.com!

Everett Dawkins Profile

2008 Signee Update
DE Everett Dawkins
Byrnes High School
Signed with Florida State

KF: Reflect back on your time at Byrnes. What memories stand out to you the most?
ED: You know I just believe the chance that I received by playing football there would be what stands out the most for me. It gave me a reason to want to wake up every morning and work at being the best at what I do. It just overall motivated me to be a better person and football player.

KF: If you had to choose just one moment or memory which one was the biggest for you?
ED: Winning the state championship my senior year it was definitely a shock to everyone but I guess hard work does pay off.

KF: Have you started a workout regimen for the FSU staff? If so how tough is it compared to what you've done at Byrnes?
ED: Yes I have started and it is definitely hard from the running to the lifting. I basically have to do many more sets and reps then I ever did in high school but the running is definitely the hardest part of it to be able to even do half of it you have to be in shape that's one reason why I don't drink sodas now, because of the running part.

KF: Are they trying to add weight or do they like you where you are right now?
ED: They like me where I'm at now I'm coming in at 245-250 pounds and I'm in good shape. I have a semi six pack so yeah I'm working on that but I think I'm one of the biggest defensive ends that they've brought in so with my weight I'm good.

KF: What are you looking forward to the most about getting down to Tallahassee?
ED: I'm mostly looking forward to just being able to have chance to do something that could make a difference for my team. There are surely many other things to do in Tallahasse (laughs) but I think I'm just going to stick to the basic at first work hard then play later.

KF: What do you try to share with the guys who will be returning next year for the Rebels?
ED: I try just help them make good decisions overall because its so many things out there that can knock you off focus during this time of the year. So I just try and tell them really to work hard day in day out no matter how good you did today because tomorrow nobody is going to remember what you did yesterday.

KF: What player or players do you have the biggest expectations for when you're gone?
ED: Just the first name that pops up is Marcus Lattimore he really was a big piece to our puzzle this year. I think when its said and done he will be the best offensive player to ever play at Byrnes.

KF: You are arguably one of the most dominant players regardless of offense or defense to come out of Byrnes. How does that make you feel?
ED: Just to be able to hear that it just gives me a special feeling about myself. That's what all the hard work is for just so you can hear those words.

KF: Did you ever dream when you were younger that this would all be happening to you?
ED: It was always a dream I have always wanted this and I'm still dreaming too. There's so much I want to be able to come back to my community and do.

KF: What can FSU fans expect from EDawk when you hit the field in your Seminoles jersey?
ED: They can expect a beast when I hit campus in June. All that will be on my mind is school and football. Everything else won't even matter at all.

KF: Are you expecting the chance to play as a true freshman or do you think you might redshirt?
ED: I want to play as a true freshman off top. The oppurtunity is there all I have to do is go after it. I don't look forward to redshirting at all that won't even be in my vocabulary when I step on campus.

KF: What parts of your game have you been working on the most to prepare yourself for the competition you'll be facing playing for FSU?
ED: The speed part thats one of my goals to be one of the most dominating defensive ends that have ever came through college football.

KF: Tell the Byrnes fans how you feel about them and how you want to be remembered while at Byrnes.
ED: It's unexplainable. Just remembering stepping out on that field and hearing the roar from the crowd. They have showed me so much love throughout my career. In the end I just want to be remembered as a good person. That is what it all comes down to in my book!

Everett Dawkins

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