A New Day Starts for SC Pigskin Prep.

We join the Insiders Sports Network and the Future looks bright.


How it all started…..


I remember sitting at a Dorman home football game….for whatever reason I had called Andy Rinehart at the Herald Journal – probably to get scores - and it was Andy who first told me that Bob Bacot had died.  I climbed over two seats where Dave Pickren and his was sitting and broke the news to him.  What a sad time.  We didn't stay for the game, instead we left….talked, and talked some more. We knew we were likely going to suffer two losses.  With the passing of Bob Bacot, there was the likely probability that "SCPpreps.com" would be taken down.  


I personally put a lot of "heat" (to be sure, I begged Dave) to erect an immediate website with message boards as a safeguard.  In fact, prior to Bob's passing, Bob had considered both selling the site and/or shutting it down.   It was when the Bacot family released the news that the "SCPreps" would be discontinued that Dave announced this new "temporary site" that you know as SCPigskin.com.  Initially, he agreed to host the site until decisions were made that could produce a suitable permanent replacement.  I would have done it myself, had I the web design knowledge.  Dave pulled an all-nighter, called me the next morning and said, beam up www.scpigskinprep.com and tell me what you think.  I was floored, he had done it!  The change from SCPreps to SCPigskinprep was seamless. 



The situation now……


It is important to note that this site is all cost, there is no revenue.  In fact, we have paid "EZBoards, Inc." to keep the "Pop Up" ads off.  The reward for Dave is your use and enjoyment, that's it – he loves the game, HS Sports, and the fans who share his level of enthusiasm.   Now, bear in mind that Dave is both the creator and financier – the only help he has gotten is when I paid to get rid of the ads…a nominal amount and I offered. Dave was already prepared to pay that as well.  


Those of you who have run websites know, the more visits, the more hits, the greater the bandwidth needed to support the traffic.  The more bandwidth you require, the greater the charges to the site owner (Dave).  We are now averaging 10,000 "hits" a day….that is not "visits".  A "hit" is when you click on the website.  Each time you click a "hit" is registered.   If one was running a business website, "hits" would translate into sales, advertising, or some related profit concept.  The increased charges for bandwidth are priced into those commodities sold.  Obviously, increased traffic in that situation is a good thing.   


In the past few weeks, Dave has been facing a dilemma.  To keep the site open, he will have to pay $1,368 for the year, and that is only if traffic remains at the present level.  Got news for ya, traffic is not going to stay at its present level.   Also, he owes the $270 to keep the "pop up ads" plus the cost of the site.  With "football season" about to begin, the site will surely pick up speed, in fact, we are expecting 100,000 hits daily by September 1.  Who knows what it will cost when the web-traffic is re-evaluated.   In an effort to keep the site up, Dave and I have been in conversation with several businesses – looking for backing.  We thought about putting the "clarion call out to you – our posters and friends" to see if you knew of any businesses who would want to advertise on the site – with just enough revenue to cover expenses as our goal.  Again and again, I have encouraged Dave to "make the site revenue producing" but he has pushed back on this idea. 


Something had to happen and it did….and is it exciting!


Before I go any further, everyone should know that Dave has been offered help. Many of you have offered to help in a multitude of ways. Dave and I both knew, if we were successful selling advertising we would have to repeat the process year in and year out.  This was an exercise that had legs, but we had hopes that there would be another more dependable financing resource.  The thought of the sites future resting on whether a company would or wouldn't renew an ad was un-nerving.


It happened! Dave was contacted by "Insiders"….a state of the art "Sports Web Architect" that would make it possible for Dave to keep SCPigskinprep.com and the message boards in tact.  The sites costs would be absorbed by "Insiders."  In the trade off, we would agree to provide some "premium (subscription) services."  Let me translate, if you want to subscribe you can.  You don't have too, nor should you feel obligated to subscribe, and that is that.  The message boards will remain free as well as most locally produced content. 


Dave and I have been over every detail of the "Insider Offer."   Your minds are going to be "blown away" when you see the new site and its offerings.  It is exciting!  It means, SCPigskin.com now has a home.  The sites future is now secure.  Although both you and I will be able to enjoy the same site benefits we always have....for those of you who demand more in sports info, "The Pig and Insiders" will be first and foremost! 


I ask Dave this favor


When Dave signed the contract, I ask him if he would allow me the honors of writing the "Insiders Introduction."  I am both excited and proud to bring you this news.   In fact, when I, "FTP", this story to our website, it may be the last news you will read on the old site format.   Look for changes to happen at warp speed.  Dave will be working non stop to load every article and preserve every post on our new platform.   Lastly, I am writing this article with Dave's permission but without his knowledge of what I have said, he will read this at the same time you will.  Send him an email and tell him thanks. You have no idea the work he puts into making this a fun place for you "hang out" talk football and enjoy the company of one another!


Thanks Dave,


Ed  Overstreet    aka Fullchoke


…..and everyone lived happily ever after






















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