4 New Offers For Swearinger

When we last spoke to, D.J. Swearinger, the talented S/RB had five scholarship offers to his name. Well since then, the Greenwood High star has added four more to his list. Come inside with SCPrepNation.com to get the very latest on one of the fastest rising stars from the Palmetto State.

SCPrepNation.com caught up with S/RB D.J. Swearinger for an in-depth recruiting update, and the highly touted prospect had lots of intriguing news to share with us. He started off by filling us in on his most recent scholarship offers…

"I picked up an offer from Wake Forest on Sunday," Swearinger told SCPrepNation.com. "I also picked up an offer from North Carolina on last Thursday and one from Michigan on last Wednesday. I picked up the offer from Duke about a month ago."

Along with the programs that have already extended him an invitation, the two-way star has been hearing from several other schools that are seemingly close to offering him… "Georgia Tech and Tennessee will probably offer me soon," Swearinger said. "I'll be going up to a one day camp to Georgia soon, and they may offer me if I do well out there."

Now that school has concluded for mostly everybody in the Palmetto State, several prospects will be hitting the road hard and heavy either attending a camp of some sort, or visiting the schools of their choice. With that being said, Swearinger informed us of his hectic schedule over the next few weeks.

"I have a very busy schedule coming up," Swearinger said. "I'll be heading up to South Carolina this Thursday for a one day camp; me and about three or four other players. On the 12th I'll be heading to a one day camp at Tennessee to work out for about a half-day. On the 14th I'll be heading to UGA for a one day camp, and after UGA I'll be going to Auburn on the 15th for a visit; I'm not sure if I'm going to be working out or not. When I get back from Auburn, my coach will be taking three of us to North Carolina for a little visit, so I'm going to be pretty busy over the next couple of weeks."

When asked if he had any early favorites, Swearinger gave us his personal top four and what he liked about each one program.

Auburn- "Auburn is an SEC school. They bring a lot to the table on the defensive side of the ball. I want to go to a place where the school is known for their defense, and Auburn is known for their defense."

Tennessee- "I've liked Tennessee all of my life for some reason. I guess because of their colors. Tennessee will also play a freshman in their secondary. They started Eric Berry in the secondary, and they also played another (freshman) corner in their secondary."

Michigan- "The name says it all; the Big House… I want to go somewhere and play big-time football. I really don't know why I like Michigan, but I really like them."

Georgia- "Georgia brings a good defense every year. They are a good SEC school that has a very good defense and a very good program."

Who will be the next program to give Swearinger the nod? Stay tuned with SCPrepNation.com to find out, as we continue to bring you the very latest concerning the finest prospects from the Palmetto State…

Note: Swearinger now has offers from Vanderbilt, Illinois, Maryland, Auburn, NC State, Duke, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wake Forest, respectively…

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