2008 Signee Update: J.T. Floyd

In our latest edition of our FREE Signee Update series we sat down with J.L. Mann S/WR J.T. Floyd who will be heading northward to the University of Michigan. Floyd sat down with us for a look ahead at his future at UM and a look back at his days playing for the Patriots. You want the scoop first? You know SCPrepNation.com is the only place to be for the very latest.

J.T. Floyd Profile

J.T. Floyd has always been one of our favorite prospects to interview because he's got the charisma and poignancy that would already make you think that he's a NFL player who graduated from an Ivy League school. Well Floyd will be graduating from J.L. Mann High School in Greenville and soon will be embarking on the next step in his life and athletic career at the University of Michigan.

Take a load off and enjoy this FREE Q&A with one of the biggest stars from the Palmetto State in the class of 2008...J.T. Floyd.

2008 Signee Update
S/WR J.T. Floyd
J.L. Mann High School
Signed With Michigan

KF: How much longer before you plan on leaving for Ann Arbor?
JF: I plan to be in Ann Arbor June 21st because I start summer school courses on the 23rd.

KF: What have your offseason workouts consisted of? Have the UM coaches put you on a specific workout/lifting program?
JF: The strength coaches did put me on a program actually. It consists of a lot of Olympic/explosive type lifts along with a conditioning regiment.

KF: What are you looking forward to the most about getting up to Ann Arbor?
JF: I'm just looking forward to competing day in and day out. I want learn the playbook and just growing as a person on and off the field.

KF: What players at J.L. Mann do you have the biggest expectations for next season?
JF: Quentin McClinton and Chris Taylor definsively and offensively Eric Beeks and Chris Wright. Those are four players that if they play up to their potential they can have a very good team this year.

KF: You are arguably the best player ever to come out of J.L. Mann High School...how does that make you feel?
JF: I have definitely been blessed with athletic ability and I am thankful for that. It is a great honor to be even mentioned in the same sentences as all the other J.L. Mann greats that have came through and been very successful in life.

KF: What are your expectations for yourself next season?
JF: I set the bar high for myself. I expect myself to compete at the highest level each day and to earn playing time. I want to contribute to the team anyway possible.

KF: What can Wolverine fans expect from J.T. Floyd when you snap that chin strap?
JF: They can expect a very hard worker and the ultimate competitor. They can expect a guy who will give his all to win games for the Wolverines.

KF: Does it matter to you what side of the ball you play on when you get to college?
JF: I prefer defense but I would not mind getting my hands on the ball and scoring touchdowns either.

KF: What do you want the J.T. Floyd and J.L. Mann fans to remember the most about you?
JF: I want them to remember that I was a very passionate player. The ultimate competitor who gave his all day in and day out. Whether it was on or off the field. And I hope that each Friday those fans came to watch J.L. Mann play they remember the excitement that I tried to bring to the game.

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