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SC Pigskin Prep thanks you for your support.

This has been a wild week in South Carolina High School Football. We at SC Pigskin Prep have been fortunate to be apart of it and to be able to provide; literally up to the second coverage of the proceedings, both in Columbia and Beaufort.


At any given time we have had over 150 people on the boards and over 75,000 people a day have enjoyed reading the site. We are happy and humbled by the success of SCPP and the boards and are excited that we have been able to provide this site and service to all the great fans of South Carolina High School Football.


Many of you have emailed me over the past few days thanking me and SCPP for the access to the information we have placed here. Others have asked if there is anything that you can do to help us out.


We have never asked for donations to keep this site going and we do not expect to now. We have been proud of the fact they we have never placed a story on the SCPP and charged people for the right to read it. When we have highlighted young men and teams, it has been readily available for all to see and without charge. There are no dollar signs on SC Pigskin Prep.


Our goal is to always be free and always be available for the entire state to see the story and access our boards. For the past year we have done so. I personally have written many checks to "Keep the Doors Open".


SC Pigskin Prep came within a few weeks of ending last summer. The cost was too great but the opportunity to join the Insiders was available and we were very excited to become part of the Insiders Network. (see Ed Overstreet's article from this past fall at


They offered us reduced cost, better servers, enhanced message boards and nationwide experts on a variety subjects. Most of all they cut my expenditures on this site substantially.


However my contract with The Insiders calls for premium content. I do not want to go that route and make people subscribe to read it. Rather I would ask those of you that enjoy the site to please subscribe and help keep all the information free for all the young people in the state.


For $7.95 a month you will receive premium content from over 200 sites including college and professional teams. If you subscribe, you will also receive a copy of the Insiders Yearbook which features over 500 pages of information on football and basketball. These benefits are also available. Members-Only Message Boards

  Total Access to all Expert and Recruiting Content

  Total Access to Scout™ Player/Roster Database

  Total Access to all Network Content

  FREE Pre- and Post-season Recruiting Yearbooks


We are also offering a email address for all subscribers. You can use the address however you like. You can have any email address with your name or handle @SCPigskinPrepCom. This is a special bonue to any subscriber.


If you like the site and want to help us then subscribe. If it too much of a burden for you or if you are a student then please don't subscribe.  I would never want SC Pigskin Prep to become a hardship to anyone from a financial standpoint.


We are going to be here.


We are going to be free.


I would like to end the year on a break even proposition. We are around $1100 in the red right now and a bill will come due in January. We have had a few people around the state that have helped in the past and I am very appreciative. If you like the site and would like to help then we thank you and hope you find the rewards of subscribing worthwhile. I f you don't then please continue to visit as our guest and enjoy all the features of this site at no cost.


Good luck to all the team playing Friday night and I look forward to seeing you in Columbia in December for what will be a great weekend of champions.


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