In Memory of Bob Bacot

It was one year ago tonight that we all lost a great friend and a good man when Bob went to meet his great reward. While we have tried to continue the work he started on SC Prep Football, there is no way we can ever duplicate his compassion, and heart. He was a scholar and gentleman and there are darn few of those left.

A Eulogy to a Friend

Written November 14, 2001

Tonight I wanted to celebrate a wonderful night of high school football and follow the exploits of the best game on earth. But as Full Choke and I sat at the Dorman Hillcrest game and learned of the passing of Bob Bacot, my heart sank and football did not seem quit as important. I fought back a tear and said a prayer for his family and all his friends who knew and loved him.

Tonight the world is not as good a place as it was yesterday.

I spoke with Bob earlier in the week and he spoke of the playoffs, the Shrine Bowl and all the kids who had done some remarkable things. He thanked me for the umpteenth time for writing the PickrenZONE and for assisting the SC Prep Football website. I told him thanks was not necessary and working with the great site was thanks enough.

Bob sent me an email earlier saying he was tired and was having trouble fighting off a cold. He was working to figure out a way to make SC PREP even better and to offset the increasing cost of the site. You have to remember that Bob never profited for  his work and he ran SC PREP simply for the love of football, high school, and the desire to help young people. He tirelessly worked to promote each and every player, coach and team.

At a time like this, you sit back and ask why and then you smile when you realize that Bob is in a better place and we will be together in the future. It was an honor and privilege to know Bob and to consider him a friend.

He was scholar and a gentlemen and there are darn few of those left.

Tonight we grieve, we hurt, and we will miss our friend. We hurt for his family and his wife and his four sons. Bob loved his sons so much and wanted so much for them. Last year when I changed jobs I ask Bob's advice prior to the move. I told him that the change would keep me at home during the week and out of airports and hotels. He counseled me by saying that regardless of everything else, nothing was more important than family and nothing was more important than your sons. I look at my sons, Alex and Hunter, and my unborn son or daughter and thank God for what is important and for placing people like Bob Bacot in my life to help point those things out to me.

Earlier this evening, I was speaking with JB and we have come to one conclusion. Bob would want us to continue and go forth with our passion. He would want us to go to the games and support our teams and our young men and women. He would want to us celebrate our teams accomplishment and console our teams loss'. 

So this weekend I will mourn our friend. I will light a candle for him and for his family and I will remember the impact that Bob made on my life and the encouragement he gave me.

Farewell my  friend and save me a seat on the 50.



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