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2009 Byrnes CB Riyahd Richardson has a D1 offer in hand already. This past weekend he tagged along on a trip to an SEC powerhouse program. Although it wasn't primarily intended for his evaluation he got a look from the staff and they liked what they saw. Now the head coach wants to make sure he gets footage of Richardson in action early next season. Come inside for the latest.

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It wasn't a trip specifically for Byrnes CB Riyahd Richardson but he tagged along anyways. You see Richardson along with his cousin and teammate 2010 WR Torian Richardson went with 2009 Greer High WR/TE Desmond Parks to Florida this past weekend and visited with the Gators. Parks is getting heavy interest from the Gators but the Richardson cousins put in a little work for the Gators coaching staff and apparently they liked what they saw.

"Everything was amazing down there at Florida. Desmond, Torian, and myself did workout one session for the coaching staff and I believe got our moneys worth.(Laughs)"

Riyahd talked a little more in-depth about how he felt he performed during the session for the Gators. "I did very good but could of done better. My knee kinda slowed me down a little, but there's no room for excuses. Other than that I think I did extremely well in the drills and in one on ones."

Richardson did well enough that Urban Meyer said he wanted to see the 2009 standout's film along with new film once next season starts. "Yes sir he asked for my film. I'm gonna try and send my film after the Pahokee game on ESPN, because their big time commit Nu'keese Richardson, is who we'll be facing." Always one looking for a great challenge the battle between the Richardsons could be an epic battle.

Aside from the trip to Florida Riyahd says he'll be heading to the state of North Carolina pretty soon too. "Well North Carolina State just invited me to there one day elite camp next week so it's NC State, Notre Dame, and Texas A&M who are recruiting me the most aggressively right now. Notre Dame and Texas A&M really want to see me workout for them."

"I've already been to Clemson and Florida. I loved both schools and their camps mostly because it was great competition at both."

The big knock on Richardson has been his size. We recently attended a 7 on 7 matchup pitting Byrnes versus Greenville High and we noticed something different about him and he was quick to let us know in a hurry before we could mention it. "You know, it's funny. I actually remember always being the short one looking up to people, but now I've grown and I'm looking down on them. I just think that's crazy (laughs aloud)! Right now I'm about 5'9 1/2 and 164 pounds. I plan to be at least 175 pounds come time for the season." Richardson has indeed grown since the end of the season at the state championships. He has also added more muscle to his frame which should benefit him when jamming receivers on the line. The maturation has started and it should be helpful with his recruitment for those who questioned his stature.

The Rebels are set to compete in Alabama this week in a national 7 on 7 tournament and we asked Riyahd what he does to prepare himself for battle. "I'm not even gonna lie. To tell the honest truth, I bump that Carter 3 by Lil Wayne and get in my zone. Then I can go out and perform at a high level."

We got word that he also performed very well in the classroom this past semester to boost his academic stature as well. "It was one of the best report cards I've gotten since the 3rd grade maybe. I got all A's and B's and raised my core GPA a good bit."

One school who is closely monitoring his academic work is Notre Dame. A test score achieved could land him his next offer from the Fighting Irish. "Yes, Notre Dame said if I make 960 on the SAT then they would offer me. NC State is showing a lot more interest now so they could offer if they like what they see at camp."

Still there are some skeptics about his size and ability and he had an answer for anyone who has doubts about him. "I just wanna say I don't care who doubts me, who says I can't go D1, who says I'm too small, or just has anythang bad to say about me. All I can say is just line your best reciever up against me and see if you doubt me at all afterwards. I've only got four words for you, "wait till next season""

Asked about his plans for the summer and next season Richardson offered this, "I'm really looking forward to going to Alabama and Oregon for passing league to compete with other schools throughout the nation! Next week I'll be attending NC State's one day elite camp and I'm also trying to find out when Texas A&M's and Notre Dame's camps are! As for next season, you know I'm really not focused on what I do individually next year. I'm going to be a senior and I have to be a leader. I'm gonna lead with my books, my field perfomance, and just doing the right things even when no one is around. So my main goals next season are to maintain A's and B's, win state, a national championship, and most of all make it for my belated grandpa, Verdell Richardson. Rest in peace grandpa!"

Richardson has always been an underdog and each time he's answered the bell. He has grown in height and weight which should help open more eyes of college coaches.

2009 CB Riyahd Richardson

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