Southside-Berea 7 on 7 Photo Gallery

It was a day for improving for both teams as Southside ventured over to Berea to put in some 7 on 7 work. Both teams had their moments offensively and improved through repetitions and work. Southside WR Chris Rhodes (pictured) stole the show on a sweltering day at Berea. Come inside to see some of the photos from the afternoon's event.

Southside vs Berea
7 on 7 Photo Gallery

QB Justin Goldsmith had a good day

A Southside DB prepares for coverage

Berea QB/ATH was impressive

Bulldogs listen to asst. coach Jermale Kelly

Berea player watches intensely

Southside's TE/DE Will Hunt & WR Chris Rhodes

WR Chris Rhodes was the star of the day

Tigers break it down

Former Berea & South Carolina star WR Jermale Kelly

More shots of Justin Goldsmith

Chris Rhodes comes back to the LOS after a TD

Berea head coach talks to all of the players afterwards

Southside coach Greg Porter addresses his troops

Warren Franklin, Chris Rhodes, and Marlin Butler talk after the 7 on 7

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