Intro: Daniel High DL DeShawn Williams

Checking in a 6-2, 290 pounds, DeShawn possesses the size that most college programs covet in a defensive tackle. However though, schools will have to wait a while, before they can pursue him. Why, you might ask? Well, because he's only a rising sophomore… Come inside With to learn more about one of the Palmetto State's brightest young stars.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, another 2011 kid. Well folks, here at, we truly believe in giving credit where credit is due. So why not go ahead and give this young man the props he deserves early on.

DeShawn Williams is simply a true testament to the old saying, "Hard Work Pays Off". You see, last fall the 6-2, 290 pound DL started out on the Daniel High School JV Football Team. However, the young lion managed to scratch and claw his way into becoming a solid contributor on the varsity squad before the conclusion of the season. DeShawn breaks it all down for us…

"On our first day in pads during two-a-days, I did a drill called Oklahoma with the JV team. After doing real well with that, my coach pulled me out to go and practice with the varsity squad, and I did well with them also. Afterwards, he came up to me and said here's your new locker room DeShawn, you're on varsity now. So basically that's how it all started."

After making the varsity squad, several thought DeShawan was going to be watching the game(s) from the sideline. However though, the young man was determined to work his way into the mix… "At first, I wasn't getting a lot of playing time," Williams said. "But, as I continued to work hard, they'd put me in whenever the other defensive tackle needed to take a breather. After while, They ended up switching the two of us in and out all game. I just had to continue to work my way up."

We asked the talented young DL to reflect on his best game during his freshman season. "I think my best game last fall was against Travelers Rest," Williams stated. "I had 5 tackles, a forced fumble, and a touchdown in that game. The touchdown came off of a fumble recovery. I got the Defensive Player Of The Week after that game."

DeShawn had quite a memorable season as a freshman on the varsity team. However, he feels like there is much more work to be done. He truly understand the fact that he is still young, and that he yet has a lot more to learn over the next three years of his varsity career. However, it is up to him to accept the challenge, and take things to the next dimension.

Stay tuned with as we continue to keep track of this young man's prep football career.

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