Catching Up With Omar Brown

Former Berkeley High standout, Omar Brown, made his way back to the LowCountry over the summer to check in with a few of his family members and friends. While he was in town, he took some time out of his busy schedule to go one-on-on with Inside, the former All-State DB reflects back on his first semester at Marshall University. Come inside for all the details.

Q&A With Omar Brown

SM: Talk a little bit about your transition from high school to college.

OB: College is much different from high school... You have to know how to balance your time; you really have to use your time wisely. Football wise, it's all about terminology; just getting the understanding of it and learning the system. That was probably the biggest transition for me.

SM: You took part in the winter workouts at Marshall, how much different is it in comparison to the workouts you did in high school?

OB: Oh, it's a lot different. The workouts are much more intense. Everything is about speed and tempo.

SM: Did you get to participate in any of the spring drills at Marshall this year?

OB: Yes, I did.

SM: What was it like?

OB: It was a fun experience, getting out there and playing with DI College players. It was a lot of fun playing on the same team with people I use to watch on TV last year.

SM: Did you get to partake in the Spring Game?

OB: Yes, I actually played with both defenses. It was a lot of fun.

SM: What does being a "Thundering Herd" really mean to you?

OB: It means a lot to me. It's a big accomplishment from where I came from.

SM: What can Marshall Fans expect from Omar Brown, as an athlete on the field?

OB: A good, tough athlete who's ready to play and get the job done. A person that's willing to do whatever it takes.

SM: Is there anything you'd like to say to HS athletes that have a desire to play on the next level someday?

OB: Stay in your books. That's the key…

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