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This week is the beginning of something special for 5 teams in the state. We at SCPP are proud to have the greatest fans in the world that support this site and enjoy the message boards. These fans who are hoping and praying for 2 more victories.............

.............have a reason to be proud and excited for their teams and what the next 2 weeks hold for the entire school and community.

Over the next 5 days we are going to feature 20 stories written by the fans of the 20 teams that are left playing for the Upper State and Lower State Championships. These will stories not by the media, not by the staff of SC Pigskin Prep, but by the fans who live and die with their teams and are hoping to bring back a state championship trophy to their community.

We are excited and honored to have 20 fans writing for us this week. We are glad to hear what the fans have to say, how they are preparing, what they think their teams chances are and what a championship would mean to their team. Between now and Thursday we will give you, the fans, the opportunity to have your say on SCPP.

No other site anywhere gives the fans the chance to be heard and we look forward to getting all the XXXXX and OOOOO that have followed their teams for the past 4 months.




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