2011 Intro: Lake City High RB Shon Carson

After rushing for nearly 1300 yards during his freshman campaign last fall, the residents of Lake City, SC are expecting much greater things from this young man come this fall. Read further inside as we introduce to you one of the more talented athletes from the 2011 class in Lake City High's, Shon Carson.

Palmetto State football fans meet Shon Carson, a 5-9, 195 pound running back from Lake City High School. His name my not be known to you right now, but you can expect for that to change relatively soon. Especially if he has another season like the one he did on last fall, where he rushed for over 1200 yards as a freshman.

After a solid performance on last fall, several from the relatively small town of Lake City, South Carolina are looking forward to his arrival on the field again this year, including Head Coach, Justin Gentry.

"We're expecting a lot of great things from Shon this fall," Head Coach, Justin Gentry, said of his young star RB. "Shon is that type of back that can cause people fits if he gets past the defensive line. He's got another gear that the average human doesn't have. Most people have two gears, but he's got a third gear (laughing)."

"He's a consistent 4.4 guy," Coach Gentry continued. "He's ran some faster, and he's ran some slower, but he's consistently at the 4.4 mark. I think he's been timed as fast as a 4.38. He's one of those types of kids that you really don't know how fast he is. I guess he's as fast as he wants to be (laughing)."

After discussing the upside portion of Carson's game, Coach Gentry gave us a little insight on one particular area where the youngster could use some improvement. "He's got establish himself as a runner between the tackles," Coach Gentry said. "That's what concerned me on last fall, and that's what we knew we needed to work with him on during the off-season."

After being informed on what he needed to work on, the young Carson took it as a challenge, and began working diligently during the off-season in order to improve in that area. "He's really been working hard at it," Gentry said. "He's been taking a lot of reps in practice; stuff like that. He is now learning to lower his shoulders and run though people instead of trying to outrun them. Right now I'd have to say that he's rising to the occasion."

The football field isn't the only place where Shon excels. According to Coach Gentry, Carson is also a standout on the diamond. "He's a heck of a baseball player," Gentry said. "And the biggest thing is that he loves them both. It's going to be interesting to see which road he's going to take."

Although the recruiting process can be a bit overwhelming to prospects with all of the attention that gets involved, Gentry feels like Carson will do just fine with it…"He'll be able to handle it," Gentry said. "He better be able to (laughing)… Right now he's just a sophomore, but it's really going to hit him next year. He's definitely going to have a bunch of avenues that he can choose from. But, he'll be fine though."

"He's just a good kid," Gentry continued. "He's a smart kid in the classroom too. He's an A-B student, and it carries over to the field."

SCPrepNation.com will continue to keep track of this young man's prep football career, so stay tuned with us for the very latest.

Note: Gentry informed us that Carson just recently maxed out in the weight room, where he bench pressed 325 pounds and squatted 450 pounds...

Lake City High RB Shon Caron

Carson doing his Bo Jackson impersonation...

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