In Depth With...Byrnes DE Corey Miller

Another exclusive as we go in-depth in a one on one interview with 2010 Byrnes DE Corey Miller. Projected as one of the nation's very best at his position in 2010 Miller is picking up scholarship offers in a hurry. Come inside to learn more about one of the country's very best in 2010.

While the Byrnes offense gets most of the shine in terms of publicity you could argue that their defense just might be equally as good, especially this season. Featuring 2009 standouts in S Justin Bright, CB Riyahd Richardson, LB Daniel Cleveland, and LB Skylar Franklin the Rebels have a strong senior presence. The 2010 class though has even more depth and star power in DT Brandon Willis and DE Corey Miller. sat down with Miller for an exclusive in-depth interview regarding a gamut of subjects.

In Depth With...Corey Miller

KF: You've already got one of the most impressive list of offers in not only the region but the entire country for a 2010 prospect. How does it feel to be getting so much love and attention from so many big time schools early on?
CM: Its the best feeling in the world, ya know. knowing that youre competing to play at the next level and someone thinks youre capable of doing it for their program.

KF: Update us of your list of current offers.
CM: Clemson, Texas A&M, Maryland, Tennessee, California, and North Carolina.

KF: What is your current height and weight?
CM: My current height is right at a shade under 6'5 and my weight is 224 pounds.

KF: Do you have a top 5 or 10 that you want to share at this point in your recruitment?
CM: I probably have 3 at the moment with Clemson, Tennessee, and Georgia. Reason being that I have actually visited these schools and gotten a chance to get acquainted with the surroundings at each.

KF: Do you have any clear leader or leaders at this point?
CM: Clemson would be a leader for me right now. They are recruiting me the hardest out of anyone and that stands out to me.

KF: What have you been working on the most this offseason to improve?
CM: My footwork, getting off the ball faster, and getting hand placement with offensive linemen.

KF: How tough is it going to be for opposing teams to try and stop you, Brandon, and Denzel?
CM: Well if we do what we're supposed to do it should be a challenge for opposing teams. We just have to work hard as a team to make plays.

KF: What do you feel are the strongest parts of your game at this point in your career?
CM: I would have to say my speed and my desire. Brandon, Denzel (Collins), and I are always arguing over who makes the first sack. (laughs)

KF: What areas of your game do you want to improve the most?
CM: I want to improve in my strength overall. Being able to stand my ground and make plays in both the inside and out.

KF: You guys have been facing some stiff competition during some of the jamborees and 7 on 7's this offseason. How has it been for you guys?
CM: Our 7on7 guys have done a great job this summer. The have worked really hard. Jamborees are going great. We recently faced South Pointe, Marlboro County, and Chester. They are all great contenders in their regions and for state in their classifications. We had a good showing and I think we got better as a team.

KF: There's a strong chance you guys will be playing possibly for a national championship should you go undefeated this season. What's your personal approach to the games? Are you taking it one at a time or do some particular games stick out to you?
CM: I gotta take it one step at a time. Don't get me wrong the National Championship is definitely in the back of my mind, but in order to get there, you have to take care of each team one at a time.

KF: Do you have any time frame as to when you want to try and make a decision or will you wait until Signing Day to announce?
CM: I really want to wait until Signing Day because of tradition.

KF: Do you feel that you can be blocked one on one? If not, why?

CM: To me, being blocked one on one is an insult. So I tell myself it's not gonna happen. I constantly use hands and feet to get off blocks so I dont really see myself being blocked one on one.

KF: Analysts including myself are projecting you to be a 5-star prospect in the 2010 class as well as in contention for the #1 DE in the country next year. Does that provide motivation for you to continue to work even harder each day to stay on top?
CM: Most definitely! I have my own burning desire to be the best that I can be. People's expectations of me are determined by the effort that I give. I will continue to play hard and if that placement in a national ranking happens to be there I will gladly accept it.

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