More On D.J. Swearinger's Commitment

D.J. Swearinger recently brought his commitment to a close by making a verbal pledge to join the Tennessee Volunteers next season. caught up with the Greenwood High star for an in-depth interview regarding his recent decision. Come inside to get all the details.

An exclusive one-on-one interview with Greenwood High star and recent Tennessee Vol commit, D.J. Swearinger.

SM: D.J. how does it feel to have your decision out of the way?

DS: It feels great. I got it off my chest… Now I can go out there and play my senior season and try to get back to the state championship; something we've been shooting for. I can focus on my senior season without having all the distractions from schools/coaches.

SM: When did the feeling first strike you, that Tennessee was the place where you wanted to spend the next 4-5 years of your life?

DS: It struck when I got the offer; when I was down there in June. Everything about it was nice; the coaches, the facilities, and the city. I also like the academics and the fact that they're an SEC school. They're my childhood favorite, and when I went down there for my visit, that just topped it off. It was like a dream come true.

SM: What was the coaching staff's reaction when you first told them the news?

DS: Coach Slade was like oh man, I'm proud…I'm glad… I think Coach Fulmer was the most excited by the way he was acting. Coach Brooks, I could tell he was smiling and laughing through the phone, by the way he was acting. They were very excited about it.

SM: How do your parents feel about your decision?

DS: They feel real good about my decision. They went down there with me on my visit, and they liked everything about it. When I got the offer, they told Coach Fulmer that they really liked the place and that they would be comfortable with me staying there the next 4-5 years. They wanted me to commit on the spot, but I wanted to take a few more visits to make sure that Tennessee was the right school.

SM: What other program(s) did you consider before making your final decision?

DS: North Carolina and South Carolina. North Carolina was up there with Tennessee, and South Carolina had a slight chance.

SM: What are your thoughts about competing in the SEC?

DS: You can ask my coaches and my parents, I love to compete in whatever I do. It's a chance for me to go and play in the SEC, and a chance for me to practice in the SEC everyday. Anyway you look at it, there's going to be competition out there, whether you're out there on the practice field or in a game. It's a big challenge for me.

SM: Playing in front of 109,000+ fans, what are your thoughts about that?

DS: That's something I've always wanted to do. Playing in front of a big crowd, you gotta love it. Everybody's out there watching you, and you're doing your thing, you gotta love it.

SM: What can Tennessee fans expect from D.J. Swearinger as an athlete on the field?

DS: I'm going to give my all every play and I'm going to compete no matter what the cost is. I'm going to do what ever I have to do to help the team out. They'll be getting that type of athlete.

SM: What do you plan to study?

DS: Next semester I'm going to be taking an accounting class to see how I like it. If I like it, then I'll be majoring in accounting in college.

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Check out Swearinger's junior season highlights below.

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