#5 - - - Lake View Wild Gators

Lake View football, the way I see things.......... When you talk about Class 1A football in South Carolina, Lake View's name is always near or at the top of the list.



 I won't bore you with what has been accomplished by the Wild Gators over the years. What I'll try and do instead is tell you why I think Lake View is able to continue with its winning ways year in and year out. Simply put it is the good coaching, conditioning, and the strong wills of the kids of Lake View that want to be part of the Wild Gator legend.

You see being a young man in Lake View, means you grow up spending your Friday nights at "the game" and you know somebody, or you are related to somebody who was a part of one of the great championship teams that LV has produced.

It usually starts with rec ball, and then your first school football at the middle school. That's when you get to put on the blue and gold for the first time and you get your first taste of the respect that comes with it and what it takes to be a Gator. I don't have to tell you guys and gals the amount of hard work these teams have to put in, but I will say this, you don't only learn football, you learn how to conduct yourself as a gentleman, and to be a good sportsman.

After you finish the seasons in middle school, you are ready to move on to the high school and the Junior Varsity squad. You meet Coach Edge and Coach Robinson, and here is where you really start to learn the ins and out of football and how football games are won. You learn that games are won in the trenches. The coaches show you the right way to block and they introduce you to "OLE BLUE"; not a whole lot of ole blue, but enough to let you know what lies ahead.

The coaches are tough and by the time Junior Varsity is over and if you can handle the conditioning drills you are ready to try out for varsity. Now you get to know "OLE BLUE" real well, and if you aren't hitting ole blue correctly, then Coach Rogers will get down and show you how to hit him. Some kids make it and some decide they would rather watch from the stands but I have never seen a kid get cut. This is why I think Lake View is competitive every year. The line coaches teach these kids how to execute and to stay on their blocks. The kids who play varsity are there because they want to win not for their girlfriend, parents or to impress their buddies. They want to become part of the ongoing legend. It's strictly business.

Our varsity coaches are, in my opinion, the best in Class 1A today. They know how to get the very best from the kids and then some. They push these kids almost to the point of breaking and leave the kids questioning why they are out there but when the games start the kids are out there loving it and wanting more of it. They see the results of being pushed to the extreme and see the rewards of being part of the team. They see the respect and admiration in the faces of the crowds who come to watch them every week. They see that they have become a team, and a Wild Gator.

Now on to this week's game

Lake View meets Blackville Hilda for the right to go to Williams Brice Stadium and play for the Class 1A championship. Blackville will bring a whole lot of their own tradition into Lake View Friday, I think we are the two winningest 1A programs in South Carolina and have had some classic gridiron battles.

The series record between these two teams stands at 2 wins each with the winner going on to capture the state championship three of the four times they have met. From that alone you can see the importance of this game. I think it will come down to a battle of lines, our defensive line against their offensive line. Of course I am biased but I think we win that battle, the Gator offensive line (the best in 1a in my opinion) against the Hawk defensive line, again, I think we win this battle. 

TOOTIEBOOT/ TODABOOT..hearing about this kid isn't enough, you have got to see him play to understand what Lake View is talking about. In our first game against Dillon we lost our second leading rusher from the year before (terrence ford), and him and vernell have played togather since rec ball. terrence has been to every game and probably 99% of the practices, he will not let this team let up..i think vernell is running for the both of them this year,  it is a tough road to wb but not an impossible one...GO GATORS!!!!!!

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