SCPrepNationTV: NW vs Spartanburg

Northwestern came out and set the tone. Dominating up front and keeping Spartanburg QB Cornelius Jones bottled up for most of the game the Trojans pitched a 34-0 shutout. Northwestern wide receivers Cordarrelle Patterson (pictured) and LaBris Adams were impressive as was the Northwestern defense. Lead defensively by Jerel Miller, Dwaney Mills, Hakeem Adams, & Gerald Dixon the Trojans dominated.

This one started slowly and Northwestern dominated for the most part on both sides of the ball at the line of scrimmage. We knew Northwestern had firepower but it took a while for them to find their groove offensively. WR Cordarrelle Patterson looks like he's grown in height and added some muscle to his frame since last season and used it nicely grabbing 2 touchdown passes as you'll see. His teammate LaBris Adams also had some nice catches and showed his ability to operate after the catch as well. Adams has improved since last season and college coaches will definitely want to take a look to make new evaluations. More overall analysis of the game to come below to check out the video highlights from the game courtesy of SCPrepNationTV.

of Northwestern vs Spartanburg

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