SCPrepNationTV: Montgomery Highlights: Dorman

A close look at one of the country's elite prospects, DE Sam Montgomery. What's interesting is that he played MLB for the majority of the night for the Eagles in this matchup versus Dorman in Week 3. Come inside and see Montgomery at work as he's definitely got superstar written all over him for the next level and possibly beyond.

Sam Montgomery Profile was on hand for last week's huge battle between AAAA powers Greenwood and Dorman. The Cavaliers were victorious 28-10 but we got another close look at 2009 Greenwood star DE Sam Montgomery. Playing MLB for most of the night Montgomery made plays all over the field and displayed the talents that have him rated the #1 overall prospect in the state according to

Below you can check out 2 perspectives of Montgomery against Dorman as Media Editor Miller Safrit captured video up high from the press box and's view of the action from the sidelines. Enjoy!

Sideline View
Press Box View

Sam Montgomery

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