Ultratalented Neely Has Offer, Awaiting More

Jarrett Neely shared SCPrepNation.com Player Of The Week honors last week and we caught up with "Mr. Versatility" to talk recruiting and his senior season. College coaches looking for a player who can improve the makeup of a team offensively by himself due to his talents should look no further than the 2009 standout from Northwestern High School. Come inside for the latest with Jarrett Neely!

In high school there are usually guys who play multiple positions. More often times than not though they excel at one position more than others they line up at. It's to be expected, right?

Let's say you were to try and build the perfect player offensively when it comes to the gridiron. That player should be able to excel running the ball and eluding defenders when necessary as well as have great hands to catch every ball that comes his way right? While nobody is perfect there is a player currently suiting it up every Friday night that we'd have to say is one of the closest to it. Enter 2009 Northwestern RB/WR Jarrett Neely. We've alreaady given the 2009 standout the "Mr. Versatility" nickname and he's repped it well so far in his senior season.

Neely in fact shared the SCPrepNation.com Week 7 Player of the Week Award with fellow 2009 RB Anthony Carden of Lexington High School this past week. "Mr. Versatility" went out and put on another show in coming away with the award. How did he come away with the Player Of The Week nod? How about 2 rushing touchdowns, 1 receiving touchdown, and one touchdown on a punt return...in one half of action?

So how does Neely feel about his play so far this season? "I think that I am doing alright. We are working hard right now to win this region once again and have home field advantage throughout the playoffs." The Trojans have lost just one game this year coming at the hand of the South Pointe Stallions. Neely says his team is getting better as the days pass though. "Of course we are getting better. When you have a coach like Jimmy Wallace you don't have any other choice but to get better."

Having faced the Stallions and played the Byrnes Rebels last season in the playoffs we couldn't resist asking him which team he felt was the toughest he's faced. "I would say Byrnes is the toughest team we have ever faced."

His talents are obvious and we still feel Neely is one of the most underrated prospects not only in the state but the entire southeastern region. The 2009 prospect lines up as a slot receiver, running back, and returns both punts and kickoffs. Will it matter just where he lines up when making a decision for college though? "I don't care what it is. I would play any position, any of them."

Currently Neely does have a scholarship offer on the table but feels that more could be coming in the future. "Newberry has offered me. I think I will start getting more offers towards the end of the season because colleges want to see me have a big senior year."

"I visited Newberry when they played Catawba. I also visited Coastal Carolina. I liked both schools."

Guys like David Sims and Stephon Gilmore get the big time publicity and deservedly so, but we feel Neely is right up there with those elite prospects. Does Neely feel slighted especially when we've spoken with multiple opposing players and coaches and they all say the same types of things about him, "He is a heck of a player, he's scary good, we tried to slow him down but he still got off on us, we thought we played him well but he still scored 3 touchdowns." The 2009 prospect had this to say about the lack of offers early on. "I have no idea why I'm not getting more offers. I'm going to go somewhere though. I promise you that."

Neely knows his bread and butter though. He spoke about what makes him such an intriguing prospect. "Because I can do so many things on the football field. I play wide reciever, tailback, return kicks, and punts. I have already ran three punts back for touchdowns this year." (Neely has scored in every way imaginable for the Trojans, we will confirm his updated statistics this week in an Inside The Numbers update)

The 2009 standout has already taken the SAT with a qualifying score and plans on retaking it again to improve his score. He is also working hard to make sure he finishes strong in the classroom during his senior year reporting almost all A's and B's currently.

There are only a handful of players out there who can dazzle you each and every week and Jarrett Neely is one of those guys with the "it" factor. With an offer already on the table expect Neely to grab quite a few more once more of his film is circulated to college staffs. His talent is undeniable and as he shores up his test scores we fully expect to be reporting about all of those impending offers in the near future.

Check out some video highlights of Neely in action during his junior season below. Neely ran for 700+ yards and also had 700+ yards receiving for the Trojans a year ago sharing looks along with 2 outstanding wideouts going for huge numbers as well in Cordarrelle Patterson and LaBris Adams.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Jarrett Neely aka "Mr. Versatility"

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