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A number of schools remain active in the recruitment of 2009 Byrnes CB Riyahd Richardson. Inside he talks about his recruitment, academics, and the next two games on the slate for the Rebels. Come inside and get the latest on cornerback Riyahd Richardson.

We talk with quite a few college coaches on a regular basis. One prospect who often gets brought up in conversations when talking about the class of 2009 is Riyahd Richardson of Byrnes High School. The playmaker at cornerback is definitely a big time player but there remains concerns about his size and many are awaiting to see more of his senior film footage and SAT scores.

So far during his senior season most teams aren't willing to chance throwing the ball to Richardson's side of the field. The numbers aren't huge this year compared to last season for but respect is the biggest reason why. "I have 2 inteceptions this year but they aren't really throwing it to my side much."

One big time program made their way down to the Palmetto State to check in on Richardson last week. "Notre Dame came to the game against Spartanburg. Their wide receivers coach was there and I introduced myself." Notre Dame coach Corwin Brown is the primary recruiter for Richardson.

"Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Colorado have been on me pretty hard lately. South Carolina apparently just called asking for film too. All of the schools say they want to see my senior film especially against teams like North Gwinnett (GA), Lincoln (FL), and Pahokee (FL). I almost forgot that Urban Meyer said he wanted to see my film against Pahokee when I visited Gainesville with Desmond Parks." Expect Florida to be among the schools who are waiting to see just how well Richardson performed against those top notch programs. The request from Meyer came after an impromptu workout for the staff while on the visit to see the Gators this offseason.

Once that film gets sent out things should pick up for Richardson as he says he's taking care of his end of the deal in the classroom. "I just got my report card and I made all A's and B's. I get my SAT scores back next Wednesday, I'm excited about it." Obviously there are some nerves for the 2009 prospect but there are more opporturnities to take the SAT if he doesn't get the score he needs but he says he's confident as he felt much more comfortable taking it this time around.

Next up for the Rebels are Hillcrest High. "It's homecoming and we're excited about that." The Rams gave the Rebels a pretty tough battle last season so don't expect the Rebels to sleep on Andy Hallman's squad by any means this year.

Many folks are licking their chops anticipating the matchup two weeks from now when the Rebels face the Dorman Cavaliers. Should both teams win this coming week the matchup will be a huge Region II-AAAA showdown of unbeatens.

Richardson talked about the looming showdown with Dorman. "I think they've got good receivers and I'm looking forward to playing against them. They've got some good runners so we're looking forward to that too. I don't think our offense is gonna have a lot of problems but we'll see what happens."

Coming off a huge victory over Pahokee a few weeks ago he reflected about taking on the Blue Devils from Florida. "Pahokee was fast but they didn't think we were fast too. They weren't fast enough. It was a hard fought game being on ESPN and there was a lot of smack talking. It was a good game and it got a lot of adrenaline flowing for us."

Richardson has proven himself time and time again as he is often left on an island guarding the opposing team's best playmakers at wideout. With some great monster hits and strong coverage he remains one of the top remaining prospects at cornerback in the southeast. will have senior footage of Richardson in action soon so stay tuned. We're the new #1 source for South Carolina recruiting information so keep it dialed in right!

Riyahd Richardson

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