Union Captures Third Title in Four Years

Union dominated the game from start to finish. An incredible show of preperation and talent.

Congratulations Union on capturing your 3rd title in the last 4 years. You shut down a very powerful Camden team.

Here is a summary of action as it occured:

Camden vs Union

Camden takes the opening kickoff


Union DB Kendrick Lyles intercepts a Camden pass at the Bulldog 33.


Union punts and Camden fumbles on the 34 Unions Chris Owens recovers and the Jackets have the ball first and ten with 6:55 left in the first


Unions Elrish Stevens scores on a 7 yard run PAT good score 7-0 Union


Camden fumbles on their 20 and Union recovers with 5:00 left in the first.


Unions Andre Howze on a short touchdown pass to make the score 13-0 Union PAT blocked by Ron Mackie


Union scores on a one yard dive by Elrish Stevens two point conversion no good Score is now Union 19 Camden 0.


Kendrick Lyles intercepts a Camden pass and runs it back 55 yards for a touchdown. Penalty  against Camden is declined.  PAT is good. Score is now Union 26 Camden 0


Elrish Stevens scores on a 1 yard run with 4:29 left in the half pat is good score now Union 33 Camden 0


Unions Crutis Rice causes a fumble and it is picked up by Antoine Smith who runs it down to the Camden 13 yard line


Justin Cox hits David Smith on a 4th and 14 from the fifteen for a touchdown. Pat is good. Score is now Union 40 Camden 0 with 2:38 left in the half.


36 yard TD pass from Eric McCollom to Marvin Johnson for a Bulldog TD. PAT is good score is now Union 40 Camden 7 with 1:13 left in the half


Union recovers a errant pitch by the bulldogs as the half expires and the score remains 40-7 Union.


Union takes the opening kickoff and drives down the field with Derek Robinson running it in from 12 yards out. PAT is good. Score now 47-7 Union.


61 yard touchdown pass from Eric McCollom to Teo Ellis Pat is good to make the score Union 47 Camden 14 with 5:04 left in the third.


Unions Colle Gray intercepts a Camden pass at his own 38 and runs it back to the 49 where Union has it first and ten with 3:35 left in the third.


Elishe Stevens runs it in from the one PAT is good and the score is now 54-14 Union with 11:24 left to play.


Fiinal ended up 61-28.  

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