Logan Stewart: Interest Continues To Grow Too

2010 OT Logan Stewart of Boiling Springs High appears set on moving towards the top of the list in 2010 for in-state offensive linemen. Stewart has grown since the beginning of his junior season and now checks in at 6'5 265 pounds. Also growing is his list of highly interested colleges. The big timer talks about recent visits, early favorites, and what his plans are for the offseason inside.

Logan Stewart Profile

College coaches have been flocking to Boiling Springs High School. The Bulldogs have a nice bumper crop of talent in their 2009 and 2010 classes. Their largest prospect in the 2010 class is OT Logan Stewart. Helping to bulldoze a path for RB Josh Murph and protecting QB Dylan Thompson Stewart has quickly emerged on the radar as a high major target.

Stewart has been very busy thus far in his recruitment staying in regular contact with a number of programs. There are a few that have stepped up their efforts more than others Stewart says though. "I hear the most from North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama."

A few of those schools have also hosted Stewart on some unofficial visits as well. "I've been to Clemson, which I liked a lot. They're working on some new facilities such as the new weight room in the stadium which will be really nice. I've also been to NC State which I really liked a lot too. It was a great atmosphere and Raleigh is a very nice place. I was invited to UVA recently but I could not go due to a previously planned family trip. I will try to reschedule with them soon though. Vandy invited me to come in the spring so I would like to see their campus and facilities too."

With a number of high majors obviously in the picture when asked if he could possibly hammer out a list of early favorites Stewart complied. "Well to be honest I expect more schools to come into play once the spring comes around, but I am really liking NC state due to the great coaching staff. They are building a championship program. Vanderbilt is on the rise as well. Coach Cain, the recruiter for my area, is a great guy. I also like Georgia, because I really like their program and Athens is a great place. Alabama is up there too because they play hard nosed football. That's what I'm used to with my coach Bruce Clark who I think should be coach of the year in South Carolina. Tennessee is also great too because of their tradtion."

One program has amped up their efforts early on to make Stewart a high priority in the 2010 class. "I'm close with coach McCullum from NC State because he is a great guy and coach. He's not the recruiter for my area but he is friends with coach Clark. I've talked to him on campus and he is very nice and a smart man."

This season will see the Bulldogs lose a few key components on the offensive line in Jamey Cheatwood and Tyler Phillips. Their absence will create a void obviously but Stewart says he is more than willing to step up and assume a larger leadership role for his squad. "I look foward to being the only returning starter up front. It will put a lot on me but I plan to lead these younger guys and push them to become a unit as an offensive line. I say that because a lot of a team's success depends on them big ol' hawgs up front!"

Stewart has a busy offseason ahead in which he shared with us. "I have a workout that is specifically designed to work on my strength with my punches and my hip flexibility. I also plan to work on my footwork daily to get my feet quicker. I want to become more explosive and blow people off the ball. I will also be working on technique with my coach with one on ones and film review. I will be lifting daily to become physically stronger and gain weight without losing my speed or quickness. They say strength and speed can be a deadly combination so that's something I'm working towards. I will also be moving to left tackle to block for our great quarterback Dylan Thompson's blind side. He knows I won't let him get hit, so he can be comfortable in the pocket and make plays for us."

On a personal level Stewart talked about what he'd like to accomplish next season. "I'd like to get to about 275 pounds on my frame and possibly get even taller than 6'5. I'd also like to break 5 seconds in the 40 yard dash. I have also set personal goals to bench press 400 pounds before I'm done as well. On the field I would like not give up any sacks and grade out at least 90 percent like I did this past season during my junior year."

There are usually a few different types of offensive linemen out there. You have ones who are highly skilled technicians who rely on technique to thwart defenders and then you have guys who may not be highly skilled but have a nasty streak that helps carry their abilities until that technique is acquired. Where does Stewart land between the two spectrums?

"I believe as an offensive lineman, I'm nasty. I have some little tricks which I have learned that can help me out, but I have it in my mind that I will not get beat and my guy will not make the play. So I like to be nasty and run my motor until the whistle blows. I take pride in having good technique too though because that matters especially at the college level."

Considering his options is going to be a long and tedious task for Logan but he has some thoughts in mind that will hopefully help him sort between the multiple programs he's already hearing from and new ones that will come calling. "I would like to play early. I want to contribute to a team as soon as possible, which i know is rare because most offensive lineman redshirt and wait a year or two before they are ready. I'd also want to feel at home with the program I choose. There are a lot of great coaches and programs out there right now that I would really look forward to learning more about and possibly become a part of one very soon. If the right school offered me right now I might be ready give a verbal and be a part of that program."

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