Renoldo Grate Generating More Interest… recently took a trip out to Kingstree, SC to check on QB/SS prospect, Renoldo Grate. Inside, we will bring you the very latest recruiting news regarding the intriguing young prospect from out of the 2010 recruiting class.

Renoldo Grate Profile recently had the privilege of speaking with Kingstree Senior High Head Football Coach, Will Lampkin, in regards to his talented junior prospect, Renoldo Grate. "Renoldo has been doing well," Coach Lampkin told "A few more schools have been expressing interest in him since the last time we spoke. Georgia Tech and Alabama have been sending him stuff lately."

When you add GT and Bama to the equation, Grate has put together quite an impressive list of suitors early on, with Notre Dame, Tennessee, Clemson, and South Carolina being some of the other interested parties.

The BCS programs aforementioned, along with several other FCS programs have already started putting in their requests for Renoldo's highlight reel. And with that in mind, Coach Lampkin, is certainly in the process of making sure their requests are met.

Grate has yet to land his first scholarship offer, but Coach Lampkin is quite certain that business will start picking up for the 2010 prospect once his film starts circulating around the country. "Right now Renoldo is getting attention from a lot of great schools." Lamkin said. "But once they (college coaches) are able to see what this kid can do on film, things are really going to get interesting for him. I feel like he's going to get a few good offers before he touches the field in the spring."

We will be bringing you clips of Renoldo's junior season in the near future, so keep it locked right here for much more regarding the Kingstee Senior High standout.

Note: will soon be featuring one of Renoldo's teammate, 2011 FS/WR prospect, Rashad Murphy. On this past fall, the 6-2, 170 pound athlete recorded 68 tackles, and 3 interceptions while playing in the secondary for the Jaguars this past fall. Murphy also caught 2 touchdown passes while playing on the offensive side of the ball.

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