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A message from the publisher of SC Pigskin Prep Com.

It has been an incredibly busy 2 weeks since the Ice Storm and the Weekend of Champions. We lost power here in Spartanburg on Wednesday December 4th and did not get it back for 5 days. I left for the Weekend in Columbia on Friday morning with my wife and family still living with my parents in Spartanburg who had power.


I guess as a result of the cold and ice and other factors, I have been battling the flu for almost 3 weeks including most of the Weekend of Champions. A few of the games are just a distant daze now. I want to thank Mark Jeffcoat for taking the time and effort to do the write up for each of the 5 games. The games were fantastic and we saw some great efforts from each of the 10 teams.


The site was not updated this past week due to my illness and the fact that I was in a training class all week in Charlotte. Most days consisting of class from 8 to 5 and sleeping in the hotel the rest of the time. A few people contributed stories for the site last week and I was unable to run the items. I apologize to each of them for not making usage of their work.


As the season is now over and things have slowed down, I am still debating what to do with SC Pigskin Prep for 2003. The time and money to run this site is substantial. Without premium content and subscribers, the site generates little to no income from The Insiders Network. This year we are still running around $800 in the red. It is certain that I can continue in the red next year and that a new solution has to be found. I appreciate greatly everyone that donated money to the site to help us offset cost. We were able to pay some current needs and are grateful for everyone's assistance. However we are not in the position to lose money in 2003 on the site. If anyone has any ideas on how to offset the cost then please let me know. We are open to just about anything.


For the remainder of 2002, we are going to work on the year-end awards and our players of the year awards. Also we are releasing today our SC Pigskin Prep All State team. In January, we will highlight many players that are looking at college decisions on National Signing Day. Through our relationships with the Insiders Network we will also offer exclusive recruiting reports on where the top players in the Palmetto State are headed for college.


2002 was a great year for us at SC Pigskin Prep. The message boards were active averaging over 1000 post a day and over 40,000 visitors. Our highs for the season were 2678 post on a single day and 79,000 visits to the boards. We had almost 2000 people register for the board and 31,000 different people visited the site this season. Year to date we have had over 9,000,000 (MILLION) visits to the main page of SC Pigskin Prep. We thank all of you for visiting and being part of the community. We hope to find a solution to continue SC Pigskin Prep in the New Year.


Finally and most importantly, we wish all you and your family the best of times during this holiday season. My family and I pass along with you the hope that this Christmas season finds you in good health, good spirits, surrounded by loved ones and enjoying family and friends.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Dave Pickren


SC Pigskin Prep


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