2010 Intro: Summerville DL Brice Laughlin

This 6-3, 280 pound Summerville Green Wave standout has been receiving attention from a number of major DI programs throughout the country. SCPrepNation.com recently had the privilege of speaking with the Lowcountry standout one-on-one. Come inside to learn more about this talented 2010 prospect, and who's been expressing interest in him early on.

Meet Brice Laughlin, a 6-3, 280 pound DL from Summerville High School. Brice just recently finished up his junior season on the field with the Summerville Green Wave. However though, the '08 season was quite challenging for the big guy. Brice explains... "I injured my hand last fall," Brice told SCPrepNation.com. "I think I missed about 6-7 games total. It was pretty tough watching from the sideline. I still ended up having a pretty good season though."

When asked about his stats from the '08 season, Brice seemed a bit uncertain. However though, he wasted very little time in letting us know of his best game. "It was the Goose Creek game," he responded. "I had 8 solo tackles and 2 sacks in that game."

In spite of Brice's nagging hand injury, and his limited amount of playing time on the field last fall, the 2010 prospect has somehow managed to generate interest from a number of big-time DI programs. "I've been getting a bunch of letters from a lot of different schools," Brice said. "I've gotten stuff from Clemson, Stanford, Georgia, UAB, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Duke and North Carolina State so far."

Out of all the schools mentioned above, Brice informed SCPrepNation.com of one particular in-state program that has been coming on to him strong, and to be quite frank, the Summerville High star appears quite flattered. "Clemson has been coming on the strongest so far," he said. "They've really been sending me a lot of letters and invites; stuff like that. They've been asking for my film also."

"I've already been up there for an unofficial visit," Brice continued. "I also went up there for one of their camps. I really like their program; I've always liked it. The atmosphere up there is great. It's definitely in a league of its own…"

Although Brice appears to be very high on the Tigers at the moment, he is very interested in hearing what everyone else has to offer him.

We will certainly keep you posted on the very latest regarding the big DL from out of Summerville High School so stay tuned for much more…

Inside the numbers…
Bench Press - 345 lbs.
Power Clean – 265 lbs.
Squat – 430 lbs.
Pro Shuttle – 4.69 sec.
Vertical – 29"

DL Brice Laughlin

Summerville Green Wave

Class of 2010

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