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This young man has shown a lot of dedication to his sport and inside the classroom. And as a result, he has been hearing from several programs along the east coast, including the Ivies. Come inside to learn more about this 2010 running back prospect, from out of Pinewood Preparatory School.

SC football fans, meet Moses Richardson, a 5-8, 165 pound running back from out of Pinewood Preparatory School. And though he may not possess the prototypical size for a running back, this young man simply contributes in a big way whenever his number is called.

Last fall, Pinewood Prep, was primarily known for their passing attack. And being that Moses wasn't the featured back in the Panther's offense, he had a limited amount of touches. However though, he still managed to make a solid contribution to the team. In '08, Richardson rushed for 646 yards on just 86 touches (7.5 ypc), and made 5 trips into the endzone.

Richardson's solid performance on the field last fall has earned him a little bit of attention on the recruiting front early on. "Right now I'm getting letters from a couple of Ivy League schools," Richardson said. "Those schools are Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, and Princeton. Rutgers has been sending me some stuff also."

As you can see, this young man has been receiving attention from a number of programs with commendable academic reputations. Therefore, this could simply me one thing; that the kid has been excelling inside the classroom... "Right now I now have a 3.6 GPA," Richardson informed SCPrepNation.com. "I make pretty good grades. I'm a pretty decent student. I took the SAT back in February, and I made a 1050 on it. That score is not including the essay."

Although Richardson appears to be in great shape to qualify academically, he is not quite satisfied with his academic performance. "I have to take the SAT again," he said. "I've got to get that score up. I have to get at least a 1200 before I graduate."

Needless to say, academics are a top priority for Richardson. And it will definitely play a huge factor whenever it is time for him to pick his college destination. He also informed us that distance will factor in with his final decision. "I'm really not looking to go that far," Richardson said. "I mean, I don't mind going somewhere up north, but I'm really not looking to go out west."

The Panthers will lose RB Melvin Lesure to graduation, therefore leaving the featured running back spot opened for Richardson next fall. With that in mind, do not be surprised if you see this young man go over the 1000-yard rushing barrier…

We will certainly keep you posted on the latest regarding this fine young talent from out of Pinewood Prep.

Inside the Numbers… RB Moses Richarson
Bench Press: 285 pounds
Squat: 430 pounds
Vertical: 31 inches
Forty Yard Dash: 4.6 seconds

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