Byrnes DE Corey Miller Has 20+ Offers

There was a time late last season where we felt Corey Miller was one of the hottest recruits in the country as he picked up offers at a staggering pace. Things cooled for a little while but Miller is on the move once again as he picked up two more offers over the weekend. An ACC school and a Big Ten program are his latest additions to the table.

Corey Miller Profile

Things are coming together nicely for 2010 Byrnes DE Corey Miller as camp/combine season has just started. Fresh off a visit to North Carolina recently Miller continues to pick up offers at a rapid pace. "I just got offers from Wisconsin and Duke," Miller told us over the weekend. "That gives me over 20 offers I believe now."

The humble youngster is taking things in stride and says he'll continue to process the information. In fact, Miller says he has yet to mail out his junior highlight film to many schools that either are already involved or schools that he'd like to hear from.

Miller has made a concerted effort to add "good" weight to his frame and it appears he's done just that. Checking in at 234 pounds now there's clearly a physical difference in Miller at the end of last season in December compared to now. The weight however hasn't slowed Miller down as he is known for his tremendous speed coming off the edge and it's something that Miller takes pride in.

Up this week for Miller are visits to Tennessee on Thursday and then back to North Carolina on Saturday for a leadership event. Stay tuned we will have the very latest as Miller continues to move up the rankings.

Kerry's Take: I spent a few hours with Miller and teammate Brandon Willis yesterday watching the NCAA tournament and these youngsters are specimens in the truest sense. Their size is imposing and they are definitely putting on "good weight." Willis says he's currently at 255 pounds but to look at him you wouldn't realize that he's that heavy as he is lean and trim and carries the weight extremely well. Miller is just the same but he is noticeably larger when you see him in person compared to a few short months ago. College coaches won't be able to question his size now as he has answered those doubts in a big way due to his hard work and help of Byrnes strength coach Mike Srock.

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