WR Jazz King: Hectic Spring Break Scheduled

One of the state's top playmakers at wide receiver is 2010 Byrnes High standout Jazz King. With good size and speed King started to come into his own last season for the state champion Rebels. Now King is looking add offers to his resume and we caught up with the wideout to talk recruiting. Wait until you see what ambitious visits scheduled King has lined up for his Spring Break.

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Spring Break is for getting away from school and taking a vacation with your family and friends normally to a warmer climate. You could say 2010 Byrnes WR Jazz King is doing something like that this week during Spring Break. King will be visiting a number of colleges during his vacation and hopes to learn plenty more about many of his potential suitors.

In previous weeks King has been making the rounds as well. "I've been to North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson, and South Carolina most recently." Asked to share a little bit about each school he offered up his take on things concerning each school thus far.

North Carolina: "Coach Williams, he was just real when he spoke with me my first time there. He said he liked me and he thinks I fit in good at UNC and he knows I will have options just to keep him and UNC in mind. He made me feel real comfortable, which is something you have to have in a position coach.
Florida State:"With Coach Dawsey, Coach Cooley, Coach Fisher, and Coach Bowden they always show me love every time I'm down there. They always check up on me to see how everything is going. Plus I grew up a Seminole fan."
Clemson:"They are upgrading their facilities so that's a plus. They come by the school often and check up on everybody so they really recruit the school."
South Carolina:"Coach Spurrier Jr. is cool and real direct. He really wants me to come to a one day camp."

Having already made those visits King told us about the busy week he has ahead of him. "Since we are on Spring Break I will visit Tennessee on April 2nd, Florida on April 3rd, and FSU on April 4th. I will visit also be visiting Duke, Alabama, Louisville, and Arkansas in the near future too."

In regards to any particular school pulling ahead of the others that doesn't appear to be happening for King at this juncture. "I'm still very open right now and have a lot more visits to take. I have several other visits set up so I want to give everyone a fair look. I should have one (a list of early favorites) by the end of May."

Last season was a solid one for King as he was one of the key cogs for the pass happy Rebels during another state championship run. "I had 31 receptions for 500 yards and 5 touchdowns. It broke down to 16.1 yards per catch." That big play ability is something that was undeniable as many times King outran defenders when the ball came his way.

For his senior season next year King is taking a whole different approach however. "This offseason is about getting more reps since defensive are going to play me different. Working on my speed is big too so I'm running track now."

His efforts on the track seen much success so far. "Yes, I get to be with Coach Srock (Byrnes speed and strength coach) a couple more months and you just work on speed stuff the whole time. Track has been good though with all my HPO (High Powered Offense) brothers. I run the 4x100m so that's cool. We finally lost in the 4x100m but we were winning and just dropped the baton. Out of everybody on the team I'd have to say Ricco Sanders is the fastest (I only go by the electric times)." King says his fastest time in the 100 meters so far is 10.6 seconds.

Currently Jazz checks in at a ready 6'0 185 pounds and that matched with gamebreaking speed expect schools to come closer to pulling the trigger with scholarship offers for the 2010 student-athlete. At the moment he says he hears the most often from North Carolina, Florida State, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Colorado, and Duke.

As for next season on a team and personal level King offered what goals he envisions. "For the team, that's easy. Another state championship! Personally for me I just want to continue to get better. I am an extremely hard worker so I just want to keep pushing myself and do whatever I need to do for us to win the championship, even play some safety. I played running back and safety in little league and middle school so I can still bring the wood on defensive. I have received at least two specials team awards sophomore and junior year for letting someone have it so it's still there apparently!"

Next season the Rebels have set up another tough out of state schedule before entering region play but for King he's eager to get back in the pads. "I love playing so I will be jacked up when spring practice starts. I see every game as an opportunity for me to showcase my skills and go have fun while helping my team win."

The other area that many coaches are pleased by King's performance is in the classroom. King takes great pride in his academics and it shows. "My current GPA is 3.67 and my class rank is 88th out of 473." Jazz also recently took the SAT and shared with us that information as well. "I made a 1270 on the SAT that I took in February. I retook it in March and I'm still waiting on those scores to come back."

With no written offers in his hand currently if the right offer comes along will King consider committing early? "I'm just trying to find the best overall fit for me and don't really have a time frame of when I want to decide."

Height: 6'0 1/2 inches
Weight: 185 pounds
Fastest 40: 4.34 seconds
Bench max: 250 pounds
Squat max: 415 pounds
Clean max: 260 pounds
Standing Broad Jump: 10'0
Vertical Jump: 38"
Pro Aglity (Shuttle): 3.99 seconds

2010 Byrnes WR Jazz King

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