PF Jamal Curry Makes His Decision

There are always late bloomers when it comes to basketball. Then there's Jamal Curry who wasn't playing organized basketball until last year. So with just two years of basketball under his belt Curry went from unknown prospect to holding some D1 offers. Recently committing to a D1 program who played in this year's NCAA tournament Curry talks about it all inside with

Jamal Curry Profile

To look back at just how far Jamal Curry came along in the past 2 seasons his story is pretty amazing. For those of you unfamiliar with the Porter-Gaud School standout, Curry has only 2 years of organized basketball to his credit. After a recent visit however the lowcountry standout has a new home in the D1 ranks.

"I decided to commit to Radford that Friday of Spring Break. While I was up there for my official visit. The visit was really good. I had a lot of fun. I got to meet some of the players and some of the students while I was there."

What really sold Radford for Curry though? "I would have to say the coaches. Coach Greenberg is a great coach and Coach Smith, Coach Hall, and Coach Ton are all very motivating. When I was on the visit, Coach Ton was trying to feed me a lot to help me gain weight. (Laughs)" Did playing in this year's NCAA tournament have any bearing on Curry's decision to roll with Radford? "Yeah. The simple fact that they made it to the NCAA tournament shows that they are about winning."

This past season Curry averaged 15 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 blocks per game for Porter-Gaud. Curry shared some of his most fond memories of playing on the high school level. "Being coached by my uncle every game and playing with Travis Smith and Khris Middleton. We had our ups and downs but when it all came down to it, Khris, Travis, and I always had to pull through."

As for the future Curry says the Radford staff has some ideas as to what they envision for him on the next level. "They want me to be a more mobile 4 man. They want me to face up and shoot jumpers as well as posting up down low. I'm not sure about having an immediate impact because there is a chance that I could be redshirting my freshman year."

Along with that Curry has an idea as well as to what he'd like to major in when he gets to Radford. "I'm not really 100% sure but I plan on majoring in something that deals with business management."

To go from just two years of organized basketball to the D1 level as Curry has done. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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